Health entitlements of spouse of retired UK pensioner

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Hola ! I am the 54year old wife of a retired 66year UK pensioner . What health entitlements , if any ! do I have if I do not work in Spain ?  . Cannot find this info on any Spanish or UK sites so would appreciate any help !  Many thanks 


mgordon 1425658521

The info pages that you can read on the link below should be a helpful resource

davidimrie 1431523372

Hi there. This info relates to Galicia but most of it applies. Broadly, if you're just moving here now and don't have a pre-2012 NIE then your husband should be entitled to an S1 form and also an EHIC from the UK for the rest of his life whereas for you it will depend on the NI contributions you've made over the last 5 years. If you don't have S1 eligibility from the UK then you won't be able to access Spanish state healthcare, although I believe that the option to pay a monthly fee to join this is being introduced although I'm not sure whether that's at autonomous community or national level.

See if this info helps:

MickandVerena 1431524823

thanks for your helpful info david , we will investigate it all down here in Andalucia . Hopefully it will mainly be as you said ! Hasta luego verena

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