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I recently contacted my doctor to arrange a check-up appointment and they said I must take a translator, it is a new rule. Has anyone else heard about this?Is it a rule throughout Spain or maybe just my surgery? I don't really want to waste money on a translator for a basic check-up!


Mijas Natural 1413385323

I don´t know, but here´s somebody who does:

Cecilia is much more than an interpreter, she´s a patient advocate and has given me and hundreds of other great help with navigating the Spanish health care system.

custardpie-903507 1413572475

I do not think it is the law, but a busy surgery might well make that rule if they get a lot of non-spanish speakers who struggle to communicate with the doctors.

mgordon 1413893812

Thats a good point, it must be a struggle when people go in there expecting the doctors to unerstand english. I do take in notes of what I want to say in Spanih and think I'll check again to make sure about this rule.

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