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Can anyone recommend a good source/shop for nice natural/handmade soaps. Will be for a regular order.


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If you don't mind shopping online, I can reccomend The Lost Scents ( "Letters from Far Away" is my favourite!

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Online is fine with me - will take a look at the website you suggested!

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A friend of mine in San Pedro makes her own soaps which are 50% Aloe Vera and 50% extra virgin olive's the only soap I will use as there are non nasty things added to is super pure.

If you are interested I'll send you her phone number...she's pretty hopeless with the internet and I don't know her email address or how often she uses it anyway. Or, if you live anywhere near San Pedro (outskirts of Puerto Banus) I can tell you how to find her yourself.

Yours Lynda

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