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About a year ago I injured my ankle in a fall. I went to the doctor and had xrays but nothing was broken, just some ligament damage. I iced it and elevated it for a while and took anti-inflammatories, but I'm finding it's still really painful. When it's cold out it aches like crazy. I used to be pretty athletic and now I'm just flabby because I haven't been able to exercise. I have decided I need to see a sports medicine doctor or osteopath to see to my ankle and maybe get it strengthened so I can start running again. Does anyone know where I can find an English-speaking doctor who might be able to help me? Thank you in advance.


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If you follow this link:

you'll find several doctors on the Costa del Sol who specialise in Sports Medicine.

Good health to you.

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There is a company who specialises in pain relief and sports therapy in Marbella,
there are 2 different web sites you can view;

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I dont know if you ares till looking for anyone to help you with your ankle but i would recommend Grant Forester. Hes a Sports therapist and works just near the casino in Nueva Andalucia/puerto Banus.
Heres his number above the hair dressers RED - 952 908 680

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