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We live in France and are considering relocating to Spain but wondered how medical issues compare with those here. Some examples; We both have to have annual blood tests which are done in the mornings and results are emailed to us the same day Had  a scan on my knee. After was asked to wait in the waiting room. 5 minutes later my name was called and I was handed a folder with all the XRay pictures in and a CD Rom After a mammogram I was taken to a private waiting room. 5 minutes later a doctor came and said my results were normal and no problems. Less then a week later the actual XRays were posted to me. Any XRays at all that we have had, we have walked out of Out Patients with the results. It is 4 years since we moved from the UK and we certainly did not receive this sort of care. We were just wondering how Spain compares with this? We have what is called a Carte Vitale which we produce when we have anything to do with the medical side. This allows us to receive 70% of the costs from the government, and we pay the remaining 30% (although our private top up usually caters for this). Is there a similar system in Spain? We would be very interested to hear any comments. Thanks  


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You can find some useful info on the healthcare system on the Angloinfo Directory pages : http://costadelsol.angloinfo.com/information/healthcare/

It sounds like the care you received in France is exceptional. I haven't used the system here enough myself to comment on it, but I'm sure that other readers of the forum will contribute some advise for you.

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