Translator for docs appointment?

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I had a doctors appointment yesterday but the receptionist said they wouldn't see me without a translator. I haven't got perfect spanish but would have been able to explain the problem- is this allowed?


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Not sure if it's legal but after all, I am fairly sure I would not get a Norwegian translator in the UK either. That said - contact me if you do need a translator between Torremolinos - Fuengirola. And I'll recommend you one. Public health centers does usually has one English speaking translator during their core operating hours, and also usually a phone number you can call for telephone based translators. If it is a private clinic and if it was not life threatening I am fairly sure they can say NO, but then they can't charge you either. If that's the case I'd take it up with my private health insurance company, and or the clinic/doctor directly in written form. And also ask for the establishments complaints book/sheet - hoja de reclamacion. Hope it works out for you though.

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hi - I had similar problem to Mr Angry altho' at first I took a translator and it seemed wrong and then as my Spanish is also reasonable I didn't and that was also wrong !! I did have a potentially life threatening illness which I ended up going to private doctors, which is now being resolved. Do you know the way thro' to issuing a complaint about an intensley rude and inefficient doctor. We do pay our taxes to Spain and are retired also and are covered by the reciprocal health care agreement. Thanks.

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Dear Polly,
Public offices as well as private establishments should have the complaints book/sheet or the hoja de reclamacion. That is the first stop on complaints. It should never be an issue if you do bring your own translator if the medical center/hospital/doctor offices does not provide this service. If you live in Benalmadena-Costa the local Health Center even has free translator service (work done by volunteers) most days from 10:00 and a few hours onwards, as well as public translator you can reach via phone to help during the doctors visit. I'll make sure I write down the number and scope of this service the next time I visit the health center and will post the information here.

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For malpractice cases, i.e. linked to the actual performance of said professional. You will most likely have to use a lawyer and sue the medical facility, or press claims to get your extra private treatment repaid. I'd recommend to visit your local social security & health care benefits office to discuss the issue as well but first stop should be to submit a complaint at the establishment in question to document your claim&issue. This should usually be done as soon as possible after an incident has happened.

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I do translating for friends at the doctors and it is getting much more common now that they will request you take a translator wth you. Makes everything much quicker and easier.

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