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looking for a good hairdresser for a cut and colour in calahonda or La Cala. 

started by: johnandfifi · last update: 1419932736 · posted: 1419884935

Hello  holidaying in the the Almunecar area, and require a (preferably English speaking) dentist. It's just for basic work- filling a hole etc- not specialist work. The A.I. directory seems to have nothing in the area nearer than Nerja? Thank you for any recommendations............

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Does anyone know where I can learn to do this.?  I am slightly older than the average learner and probably less fit, nevertheless I would like to learn with a patient coach!!!  Any ideas very welcome. thanks

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Recommendations please for the above especially facials and massage am attending a wedding.

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We live in France and are considering relocating to Spain but wondered how medical issues compare with those here. Some examples; We both have to have annual blood tests which are done in the mornings and results are emailed to us the same day Had  a scan on my knee. After was asked to wait in the waiting room. 5 minutes later my name was called and I was handed a folder with all the XRay pictures in and a CD Rom After a mammogram I was taken to a private waiting room. 5 minutes later a doctor came and said my results were normal and no problems. Less then a week later the actual XRays were posted to me. Any XRays at all that we have had, we have walked out of Out Patients with the results. It is 4 years since we moved from the UK and we certainly did not receive this sort of care. We were just wondering how Spain compares with this? We have what is called a Carte Vitale which we produce when we have anything to do with the medical side. This allows us to receive 70% of the costs from the government, and we pay the remaining 30% (although our private top up usually caters for this). Is there a similar system in Spain? We would be very interested to hear any comments. Thanks  

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Can anyone recommend someone for hair extensions in Fuengirola?

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I recently contacted my doctor to arrange a check-up appointment and they said I must take a translator, it is a new rule. Has anyone else heard about this?Is it a rule throughout Spain or maybe just my surgery? I don't really want to waste money on a translator for a basic check-up!

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Do any of the readers have a suggestion for a good masseuse? I have a lot of tension in my shoulders and upper back, and think a decent massage would help.

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I was thinking of getting a tattoo and I was wondering whether there is any concern with getting the sun on a new piece? Would I be better to wait till autumn to get it done?

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Can anyone recommend a good clinic that does well womens checkups please

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Another question - has anyone ordered from boots international? how long do they take to deliver?

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I am doing research for a company to determine if there is a demand for a diet and weight loss program in Spain.There is a great company thinking of starting in Spain.  The name is" Easy Diet:".  It is much like Diet Chef in the UK or Jenny Creig in the US.  When you enroll you receive your food for a week, you have one appointment each week either by skype or in person to record your progress.  The cost is 100.00 euros to join per year.  The cost of the food is about 100.00 euros a week.  In the appointment each week you receive a progress report and help with your weight loss.  The food is very good.  It is frozen and dried.  Most of it is cooked in the microwave.  This is a diet that is easy to follow because you don't count anything.  You just eat according to the menu you receive when you join. I would love your comments and suggestions.  If you would like to join please send me your name and email and I will send you information when they are starting.  This is a great program that really works.  I hope the demand is here so they will come into Spain.

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Does anyone know where to get cosmetic/fun color contact lenses.

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Does anybody know where my husband can do a barber corse anywhere in costa del sol?

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Has anyone seem clove flavoured toothpaste for sale here?

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Recently I have been getting a lot of mouth ulcers and its really uncomfortable. Is there a mouth wash or something I can get to stop it happening?

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I recently found this website which does a range of perfumes at really good prices. They were doing a free sample offer(unfortunately it seems to be over now) I ordered "Iris" for my Mrs, and it is really lovely - we will be ordering from them for gifts etc in the future. http://www.yodeyma.com/es/8-visita-nuestra-tienda

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Can anyone recommend an over the counter medicine to sort out a chesty cough? thanks

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Pleae can someone reccommend a very good salon where I can have hair extensions. Anything from Nerja to Malaga city I can travel too. Im just looking for a quality salon who know what their doing when it comes to extensions! Thanks

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can anyone recommend  dermatologist?

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