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Hi, We are moving over next year, I'm 55 and my husband is 64, are we covered by our UK E111 health card or do we need to top up privately? Thank you :)

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy Neem oil, either in spain or through a website delivering to spain?

started by: custardpie-903507 · last update: 1382048248 · posted: 1381327142

does anyone know where to buy nail art supplies? I just want them for home use not a business and they places I found only sell to businesses.

started by: heaven sent · last update: 1381149466 · posted: 1380478207

Can anyone recommend a good source/shop for nice natural/handmade soaps. Will be for a regular order.

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I keep seeing ads for led teeth whitening kits so - do they work?

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I have a bad cough and it is keeping me awake, has anyone got any tips to soothe it and let me get some rest?

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Hi, I am looking into getting a vasectomy, but came across some articles online saying that I would have to pay 1,500 - 1,800 to get it done. Does anyone know if this is correct ? any advice/info welcome, thanks.

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Does anyone knoe where I can buy "caviar" effect nail polish?

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Has anyone tried to get registered for healthcare in Malaga with a letter of legislation from the UK Dept of Health?  If yes how did you get on?  Any tips?

started by: Milflores-853912 · last update: 1362220371 · posted: 1362138430

Just had the dreaded lurgy and now have a cold sore.  I have Zovirax but that just stops them coming, although it didn't work this time!  Anyone know the Spanish name for the new cream on the market that makes them heal faster?

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Does anyone know if there's a change of policy with regard to getting an English/Spanish interpreter when going to see a consultant at Carlos Haya?

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does anyone know of a company that does quality custom made perfumes? Thanks.,

started by: oryx · last update: 1361784730 · posted: 1360854000

has anyone seen those feather hair extensions for sale anywhere over here?

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Are there any places here that carry pure Castile soap? how about gluten-free flours and starches? Not baking mixes, but separate flours.  Thanks, suzanne

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Hi Anyone out there banging their heads against the wall with the Spanish health service in trying to get help to cope with the menopause?  I am looking for a group that offers support with this and advice on natural remedies rather than resorting to HRT.

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Hi Does anyone know of an English speaking doctor in Alhaurin de la Torre, or near? Griff

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Can anyone recommend Health Cover for a couple. Any idea of costs?

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Hello, I'm coming to Marbella over the Christmas period.  As I have some health issue I want to be able to see someone for either a gentle massage or gentle acupuncture.  Can anyone recommend someone? Thanks

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In the U.K. on my death I have left my body to medical science,how can I do the same in Spain?

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I read the other day that an EU directive came into effect from 1 Jan 2012 that means healthcare must be available to all in Spain not just those who pay into the social security system. I think this means that all expats who are under retirement age but not paying into the social security system are now eligible to register with their GP with a cert de padronmiento. However, it seems unclear as to the process to register. Has anyone else read this and do you know any other informaiton?

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