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I want to  get a full health check which encompasses everything. Can anyone advise me based on their experience

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Does anyone know of any in or around the Almunecar area?

started by: hustlersambition · last update: 1346185099 · posted: 1345621405

Can anyone suggest a Spain based (online probably easiest option) company offering organic skincare products? I'm sick of slapping chemicals on to myself every day.

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Hi, I work for the Alzheimer's Society back in England (Cheshire North) we have been contacted by a gentleman who wants to holiday with his wife who has Alzheimer's; in Costa Del Sol (not sure where). He has asked if there is any support out there. He is not looking for practical support just someone to be there who understands and can perhaps point him the right direct of any services he would need, should the need arise. He has taken his wife to Lourdes previously and found that they had support there, fortunately he did not need it, but it just gave him peace of mind knowing that there was help there. I would really appreciate any information. Mandy Gough - Alzheimer's Society

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I heard something about Mercadona stopping sales on some of their Deliplus products. Can anyone give me any further info?

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Can someone please tell me where there is a Nail Salon. I sm based in the Duquesa, Estepona area. Thanks.

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Can anyone tell me, is it OK to drink filtered tap water in Marbella? Has anyone had any problems with it?

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Apart from covering up and living indoors all summer can anyone recommend a good non deet natural insect repellent and does eating anything in your diet help you stop being bitten? I heard garlic can help.

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Not been here long, how do I get registered to received health care here.I am not working at the moment and I cant get a health card with my E111 I tried. I am under retirement age.

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Well it is that time of year again and I suffering badly with hayfever. Tried all the UK inhalers and tablets but none seem to work over here. I am very allergic to the olive pollen. Can anyone recommend a Spanish make that doesn't have bad side effects?

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Are there any English speaking weight watchers meetings on the coast?

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Anyone know if there is a place near Torre del Mar where I can get my nail foils done on my toes nails. I have seen places that do gel nails but I want the foils as I do a lot of dancing.

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Mobile English hairdresser available Fuengirola to Marbella, NVQ Qualified , Very good prices , Cutting, Colouring, Perming, all aspectsFlexible and Reliable. Call 658480943

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does anyone know if you can get body shop skincare products over here, they do a conditioner that really suited my hair and i've nearly run out.

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Can anyone recommend good physio in the Calahonda area? Thanks for any help!

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Hi I've lived on the coast for over 3 years and never see any support for xpats who are dealing or suffering with Dementia/Alzheimer's so having over 10 years experience with dementia and care i thought i would look into the interest and need of starting a Dementia/Alzheimer's support & advice group up in the Mijas/Fuengirola area, feedback on interest would be greatly welcome. remembertheperson@ymail.com

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Can anyone tell me where I can get an eye test in English please? I want to ask a couple of questions while I'm there and am concerned that my basic spanish isn't up to it!

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Posting for my partner, she wants to know if any of you ladies have tried these BB creams that are being advertised everywhere at the moment?

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Hi, There are new fitness classes, boot camps, personal and group training ,weight management happening now in the Marbella area and along the coast . For more info checkout http://www.fitbodyco.eu

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The skin on my hands has gone really dry - can anyone recommend a good product or treatment to help soften them up again and condition my nails?

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