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I have a brand new Maximist spray tanning machine and pop up tent in box never used 200€ also other tanning equipment .

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MY neighbours niece is on holiday and her orthodonic brace has a snapped wire which is very uncomfortable. Can she just go to a dentists here to get it sorted out? Anyone able to recommend an orthodonist who can fix it?

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Does anyone know of any bootcamp style fitness classes going on?

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where can I buy tigi hair products? will consider by post, providing delivery costs aren't astronomical.

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Looking for a good hairdresser that speaks English in the Coin area either salon or mobile.

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Hi all. can anyone recomend a good dentist near benalmadena or surrounding area.

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Has anyone had this done? Would love some recommendations of good hairdressers and to hear whether the treatment works well.

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Hi Can anyone recommend a good physio in Malaga or Torre del mar area. I have an ankleligaments injury.

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Has anyone seen clove flavored toothpaste for sale here, and if so...where?

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I went swimming in a neighbours pool yesterday and when i got home in the evening i had a rash - does anyone know why this might be and what to buy to soothe it as its very itchy/

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I keep seeing a tv ad for "podosan" peeling effect socks to make your feet soft. Has anyone used them and do they work?

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can anyone suggest a medicine to take for hayfever that i can buy without prescription at the farmacia.

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can anyone tell me where i can buy decent swimwear, can only ever find tiny bikinis and things that are really old-womany here, and want something a bit more substantial, and swimmable in! but stylish.

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Can anyone suggest a beauty salon which offers eyebrow threading?

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Has anyone seen these for sale anywhere? Also if you noticed the price, please can you let me know roughly how much they were.

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Hi, Do you have any recommendations for a good hairdresser in Mijas or surroundings for a wedding hairstyle?All the tips are welcome!Thanks in advance!

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I'm in the process of arranging some prizes for a staff event and one of the ideas is vouchers for a treatment/spa day. Does anyone know of a spa/beauty salon that does something like this?

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My (elderly) neighbour has asked me to find out how she can get a flu jab. She had them every year in the UK, does she just need to go to the docs and ask for it, and if so what does she need to ask for?

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I am looking for a specialist herbailst shop in Malaga. Can anyone tell me where I can find one?

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If you get really itchy mozzie bites, try rubbing them with a slice of onion. I didn't believe it, but it works!

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