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Does anyone know of a stockist for barry m cosmetics here. if not, anywhere that sells makeup with similar intense colors.

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Does anyone know where there are any badminton clubs around? I like playing to a reasonable standard but not too seriously. Many Thanks

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Can anyone recommend a good English speaking dentist either in Velez Malaga, Torre de Mar, Antequera or near airport in Malaga. many thanks

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Can anyone recommend an English/English speaking Doctor and Gynaecologist along the coast between Benalmadena and Puerto Banus. Thanks

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I receive reciprocal healthcare as I am over 60, and have been told that I will probably need a hip operation. I live in a small village with a health centre, with two G.P's who are rushed off their feet and not enough time it seems to spend with "proper" diagnostics - in fact I have yet to receive an examination. Does anyone know if it is possible to move to a different surgery ? or any other way around this as they don't seem to want to know about my problem, which is absolute agony and stopping any quality of life that I have. Please note..I am fully "legal" here in Spain. Thanks for any help.

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Can anyone tell me what these are?

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This was on another forum, is it true? Briefly, a bill has been introduced into Congress (14/05/2010) which would require the Spanish Government to introduce a free and universal healthcare system for all residents (including foreigners) from the start of next year. The bill explicitly removes the need to pay into the Social Security system as a condition of accessing the health services here. Although there is a long and complex story behind this, the key points were unanimously agreed by all main political parties (PP, PSOE, IU etc) back in September of last year, and the proposal received the support of the Government in April (although without a commitment to a firm timetable). The current bill restates what has already been agreed but with a timetable. If the bill is approved , Spain will have a system virtually identical to the NHS from 01/01/2011.

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I am thinking about having my teeth straightened and wondered if anyone could recommend a dentist/orthodontist who deals with adults. Also I have seen ads for an invisible brace anyone used one of these and did it work!

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Does anyone know of a weight watchers club in the Velez Malaga area please.

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Can anyone recommend me a personal trainer, looking for someone who would be able to help me with improve basic fitness levels in an enjoyable way.

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My Wife's disabled 'blue card', which was issued in UK, expires in December. Would appreciate advice - and indication of timescales from anyone who has gone through the renewal procedure in Spain. Resident in Fuengirola (Malaga).

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Hi, Does anyone know of an English speaking hairdressers in fuengirola where i can get some highlights on a budget ? i only have 40 Euro's :-( (and im sure they'll want to shampoo and blowdry too!)

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Does anyone know a good physio in the Benalmadena/Fuengirola/Mijas area for sports injuries? pat2976@gmail.com Many thanks. Patrick.

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About a year ago I injured my ankle in a fall. I went to the doctor and had xrays but nothing was broken, just some ligament damage. I iced it and elevated it for a while and took anti-inflammatories, but I'm finding it's still really painful. When it's cold out it aches like crazy. I used to be pretty athletic and now I'm just flabby because I haven't been able to exercise. I have decided I need to see a sports medicine doctor or osteopath to see to my ankle and maybe get it strengthened so I can start running again. Does anyone know where I can find an English-speaking doctor who might be able to help me? Thank you in advance.

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I have just moved to Spain and I am looking for a good hairdressing salon that uses Wella colour so I can continue with same colour! Malaga Antequerra or Velez Malaga areas are best locations for me to get to. Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser? thanks v much

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How do I ask for athletes food cream in spanish?

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I had a doctors appointment yesterday but the receptionist said they wouldn't see me without a translator. I haven't got perfect spanish but would have been able to explain the problem- is this allowed?

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Has anyone been to a hypnotherapist for stopping smoking? Did you find it worked? Can anyone recommend a decent hypnotherapist near malaga?

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Anyone knows of a floatation tank centre on the costa del sol I am a regular floater in the the uk Iv searched the internet with no luck as yet is there anywhere to float on the costa or anyone already searched or interested in floating that wants me to forward information if I get lucky Thanks Fran

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I am looking to rent a room or basement space within an existing Health Beauty Therapy Wellness Spa Gym Centre Low noise level and able to fit a shower anywhere between Malaga and Gib would be considered please contact me at fmdashlea@aol.com with required rent and if utilitys are included for a unique business

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