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Hi I am looking for a boxing trainer who will train a woman please I live in trhe benalmadena area any advice would be great thanks.

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Where can I buy bright pink semi permenant hair dye(not spray in/wash out)?

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My 15 year old niece went to get a henna tattoo the other day and her skin is looking very irritated. I didn't think henna was dangerous! What should I do?

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The last time I did this it was not to good. Want to take a friend for a birthday treat so were will we be well and truly pampered in the Mijas area

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I wondered if someone could help me with some Spanish words- I want to book an eyebrow wax and pedicure but don't know what to say!

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could anyone tell me the spanish equivalent of the above mediication please

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Is there a particular pollen around at the moment as I am waking up every morning with streaming eyes and nose?

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Can anyone recommend anything for sunburn---ASAP????My son has been out in the sun and not realised till later that he is very burnt and sore, and is now in agony....Nothing seems to releive the pain.HELP!!!!

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a lot of my Spanish friends will not use swimming pools as they say they re inhealthy could there be any truth in this?

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Is there something you can buy over the counter for a sore throat?

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I care for my husband who has Alzheimers. There is no support group (English Speaking) I would like to hear from others living in the mijas costa Fuengirola area with a view to getting something going on a social level. All suggestions welcome.

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I am sure there are clinics here that do this and would be glad to hear of a good one to save a trip back to Uk to get some treatment done.

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Given all the bad press about the use of chemicals in just about everything I'm a little dubious about having the various chemicals in sun-cream baking into my skin, although I don't want to go about unprotected. Is there a bio-version that really is pure and effective?

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I am looking for information on liver transplants here in Spain as I have an Italien friend who is going to try to get the operation done here - obviously privately rather than on the National Health, as he has been told he wouldn't have to wait as long to get the operation scheduled. Can anyone tell me where I should start?

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My allergies are kicking in and I wondered if anyone has any natural remedies to recommend and also do you know what the most common pollen is that's around at the moment?

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Can anyone tell me what sort of price I should expect to pay for health insurance, I am a non insulin dependent diabetic 50+ Thanks

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I hope someone can help help, My friend is desperately looking for an english speaking dentist, this will be the first time in Spain as she normally travels back to the UK, must be very sympathetic as she used to having valium before any treatment so this is a bit hard for her. If you can help please let me know asap.

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Channel 4 in the UK are making a documentary, whereby they seek to explore the different experiences of dialysis patients waiting for kidney transplants in three different European countries. We will be following one patient in the UK, with whom we have already spoken, and are looking for two other British patients in two other EU countries.We are interested in raising many of the issues that affect people who wait for organ transplants, not least of which is legislation. We are looking to explore these issues among many others in this documentary, which recounts these human stories.If you are a British ex pat living in any EU country and are on the waiting list for a kidney transplant, please contact Melissa on 0044 207422 8253 or email her on mariab@fftv.co.uk. We'll call you right back!

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I'm thinking of stopping smoking so I´d like your tips! What works and whats doesn't?

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Anybody seen this for sale anywhere? must be this brand due to allergy but can't find them. Thanks.

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