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Where can I get a double glazed window made. I am in Torrox

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Anybody know of any sites for. Property Swaps,, i.e.  permanent, not holiday.  Looking to swap our detached bungalow in France for villa/apartment in Nerja area.

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I need to get a window double glazed. Where are the double glazing specialists near me - Torrox

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Is there an equivalent of taking rubbish to the tip?  Something we frequently do in the UK.If so, does nayone know the nearest to San Pedro de Alcantara?Thanks

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a few seconds ago Messagehello, we are a retired couple in our early 60's and are considering renting from Jan-March 2018 we have a 5 year old well behaved Breton spaniel who would need to be with us.We would prefer to be close to the coast or large town but we are willing to consider slightly inland etc. 2 plus bedrooms , please email annedowling50@aol.comwith details of property( with photo's please )  and all the costings that would be required, also method of payment      Kind regards Anne

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We are offering a picture framing service for all  arts and crafts ,to raise funds for our charity in Gambia ,we have six villages already complete with clean drinking water and are utilising our skills to do more. Call me Pamela 606561581. Canvases,prints and photos all with excellent mounting and a variety of frames available.

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We are retiring this summer and want to rent a house and garden long term to ensure that both Spain and the region are suitable for us.so if you have a house that you want looked after or that you are holding off selling until the market improves anywhere in Spain do please let me know.many thanksrich 

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Hi, we've just bought a place in torrablanca. We have been trying to find BBQ gas. We've been to the local BP GARAGE  but they only have one type. Can anyone recommend where to get it from? Also can you have it delivered? Also do supermarkets deliver? If so please can I have details thank you karen 

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2 Bed min Property Wanted Long Term 1Yrs + in and around the Aloha Areas Must be morden interior bright Airy 

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Good afternoon, can anyone please recommend someone who will do good job of cleaning and sealing my patio tiles please?  (must have own industrial power wash tools etc) I'm in the La Cala area (10 mins from Fuengirola).  Thank you in advance.  

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I am moving from France and searching for a long term rental for myself and my two dogs (extremely well behaved older dogs). Can anyone recommend a good agent(s), I would like to live near other ex-pats and preferably not too far from a beach. Any suggestions most welcome and any type of accommodation considered.Many thanks

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An English couple will swap a large estate in Russia for a nice little house in the south of France or Spain. We have a 1 mile of a river front land (32 ha of land in total) and happy to swap it for something more manageable. It is only a 4 hour drive from St Petersburg! There are 4 small plots (1/4 acre each) on which the building is allowed ( planning permission granted). There is a small, unfinished, but fabulous log house (a chalet) of approx 90 m2 built. There is a spring water (well) and electricity on the land. You can still build 3 more houses on this part (two 15x12m two storey houses and one 7x15m one storey). Right next to it there is a 31 ha of beautiful agro-land with a Forrest behind. You can also purchase another 35 ha of land next to it. Lots of fish in a river, berries and mushrooms in the Forrest, freshest of air and enormous business possibilities! Will consider all sorts of offers, one never knows :) 

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Has anybody got any guidance on where to register their property to comply with the new rental regulations ... or any help wold be appreciated ....

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HI im throwing away some rubbish anyone know of a good skip hire company?

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Morning all, Does anyone have experience of the Sierra Nevada ski resort? Just wondered if they offer a ski school for children? We would be looking to put our 7 year old in each morning and then we'd ski with him in the afternoon (provided his lessons are a success!!)  I can see info re: ice rink and creche facilities but I was thinking more along the lines of actual tuition for him. Also (sorry for all the questions) could anyone recommend where to stay? We have a place in Baviera Golf and were planning on driving up to the ski resort for five days or so. Thanks in anticipation, Angela

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HI Does anyone know anything about this? I read an article in the Sur which said I have to register my property within three months or face fines... Anyone got any more info? How will this be enforced, does anyone know?

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Hi. I need some help. I really would like to watch some Dutch programs online that I normally watch in the Netherlands. There is only one problem, when I visit the dutch webpages and I want to watch a video then I get a notification that it is not possible to watch it from this destination'(Spain). Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks. 

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Hi there Im having real dificulty with a Philips FC 9321 vacuum cleaner I purchased from Carrefour in late November 2015. The box has been re-sealed badly i mentioned this to the Store Assitant who assured me it was ok. When I assembled the vacuum cleaner I could see that the grey button which is the release for the waste container was very stiff, I thought it was just becuase it was new.  I used it a couple of more times, each time the grey button seemed stiff.  We returned to the UK for an extended Christmas. On our return I used the vacuum cleaner again, this time unable to remove the canister...it was stuck. My partner returned the vacuum cleaner in its original box along with the receipt yesterday.  We have been told the Carrefour returns policy is 15 days, even though the vacuum cleaner is faulty!!! so it will be sent away "to be looked at" which will take a month!!! I have spoken with Philips es and they have confirmed that is the policy in Spain.  I am very disappointed and will not purchase electrical goods from Carrefour again!!  By the way the 2 year manufacturers warranty & our original receipt is null & void it seems!!  Has anyone else had this issue? thanks.

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Hi all, is there anyone thinking of moving to the Charente in France. We have a lovely 2 bed cottage in 3/4 of an acre layed to fruit trees, shrubs, & flower beds, with 2 fish ponds + fish. Garage, workshop, 2 sheds with electric, plus a greenhouse. Inside consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 en-suite shower room. L shaped kitchen has a RAYBURN multi fuel cooker  ( wood ), dining room, & lounge with french windows leading to the garden. Central staircase to 1st floor landing , there is a toilet & washbasin & plenty of storage space, bedroom 2 has fitted wardrobes, & lots of storage & roof window. If you would like ant more info & pics please send your email to  cassie16_90@hotmail.com.                           Kind regards cassie.                                              

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Hi all, We are currently living in Brittany, France and we are marketing our house - in which we have lived permanently for 5 years - due to imminent move back to the UK. We have loved life here, but feel the climate is too similar to the UK for it to actually feel like a holiday home once we have moved back, and we are putting out some feelers to see if there is anyone selling their house who may be interested in a permanent property swap/exchange. Our house is being marketed for 167,000 euros.

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