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Hi there Im having real dificulty with a Philips FC 9321 vacuum cleaner I purchased from Carrefour in late November 2015. The box has been re-sealed badly i mentioned this to the Store Assitant who assured me it was ok. When I assembled the vacuum cleaner I could see that the grey button which is the release for the waste container was very stiff, I thought it was just becuase it was new.  I used it a couple of more times, each time the grey button seemed stiff.  We returned to the UK for an extended Christmas. On our return I used the vacuum cleaner again, this time unable to remove the was stuck. My partner returned the vacuum cleaner in its original box along with the receipt yesterday.  We have been told the Carrefour returns policy is 15 days, even though the vacuum cleaner is faulty!!! so it will be sent away "to be looked at" which will take a month!!! I have spoken with Philips es and they have confirmed that is the policy in Spain.  I am very disappointed and will not purchase electrical goods from Carrefour again!!  By the way the 2 year manufacturers warranty & our original receipt is null & void it seems!!  Has anyone else had this issue? thanks.


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I have not had the same problem, but what I do know is that they are within their rights to send it away to have it looked at, fixed and returned back to you at no cost to you, rather than giving you a new unit as you missed the 15 days. This would fall into their 2 year warrantly.

This organisation may be able to help you with the policies to protect consumer rights in Spain:

I hope this helps.

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