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Hi. I need some help. I really would like to watch some Dutch programs online that I normally watch in the Netherlands. There is only one problem, when I visit the dutch webpages and I want to watch a video then I get a notification that it is not possible to watch it from this destination'(Spain). Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks. 


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The site is picking up that your IP address is in Spain. Try registering on the sites with a Netherlands address and this may help. If not you may need an IPTV system. There are a number of suppliers on the directory page in Angloinfo. Ask them about the Dutch channels. 


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Hi - it sounds like you are using a PC to try and watch your Dutch programmes. I had the same problem trying to watch catch-up TV in the UK so I use a VPN supplier. This allows you to make your PC look like it is in the Netherlands and so you can access your programmes. There are many VPN suppliers - some free (Expatshield) but they sometimes restrict you or cut you off. I use a VPN called Tunnelbear which works great - costs about 4 euros a month. Good luck. 

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Thank you very much for your help. Let's see if I can fix it. 

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