Orange gas bottles

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How do I get hold of orange gas bottles, can you buy them on contract to be delivered or do I need to go to a depot to collect them?


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This article might be helpful::

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La Cala market on a saturday morning, you can drive up to the truck and swap your empty bottles there and then.

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local garages,and usually delivered in and around town.just listen out for the sound of the car horn.

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I am currently moving house where i dont need gas,i am selling 2 of my empty bottles, 20 euro each. You can re fill these either at the market early morning or at the Fuengirola depot, if you are ever stuck the small shop opposite "Captains Bar" in La Cala swop them although they add around 4 euro to do so.


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I have a load of orange gas bottle if anyone wants them let me know!!

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I have 4 empty orange gas bottles which are for sale at 15€ each if you are interested in any or all of them

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