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Hi all, We are currently living in Brittany, France and we are marketing our house - in which we have lived permanently for 5 years - due to imminent move back to the UK. We have loved life here, but feel the climate is too similar to the UK for it to actually feel like a holiday home once we have moved back, and we are putting out some feelers to see if there is anyone selling their house who may be interested in a permanent property swap/exchange. Our house is being marketed for 167,000 euros.


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Exactly what we did 7 years ago,good luck

glamourpuss85 1447589350

Thanks kerbut. If you hear of anyone wanting to make the move to Brittany, please direct them to this post!

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Out of intrest which part of Brittany are you , we were in St Vran (22)

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We're in 22 as well, between Belle-Isle-en-Terre and Callac.

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Nice part ,have friends in that area.

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Just as an after thought ,we sold ours through Leggett Imoblier.

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Yes, it is a lovely area. A sign of the times though I suppose that houses don't seem to be moving very well. Very similar I imagine in Spain. We are with Leggetts, but have also advertised the house privately. Just a waiting game! 

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