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Need a local removal company to move my stuff in the next couple of weeks can anyone recommend one. I used Transcosta to move my things from the UK to here but think I use a smaller company for local.sue


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AngloInfo to the rescue::

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Why cant you use Transcosta, I thought they did local pick ups too.


Alun-846790 1172520376

Are you looking for more of a man and a van. Have used same guys a couple of times and have no complaints. Depends on how much you are moving and how far.

susan-846606 1172522094

I have mainly boxes no furniture other than a sofa, so depending how big the van is could be ok


fee-846683 1172707745

Have emailed you with details of a van company, hope it helps.

Bungle-846858 1173976578

Mate used transcosta, Gail I think her name was at their office, mate seemed happy...


nutmeg-846689 1175545115

I used Murray Harper they were good not sure if they do local pickups?

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