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I am moving from France and searching for a long term rental for myself and my two dogs (extremely well behaved older dogs). Can anyone recommend a good agent(s), I would like to live near other ex-pats and preferably not too far from a beach. Any suggestions most welcome and any type of accommodation considered.Many thanks


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Hi Nicola

My recommendation to you is to first try and establish where you want to live. There is really a big difference by area as some of the areas are more tourists or people who come to the Costa for 3 months or the summer and some areas are more where expats live permanently.

You also may prefer to be in an area that is a mix of expats and locals, as well as expats from different countries. We currently live Calahonda but will be moving to San Pedro in a couple of months as this we think is going to be better for us. If you give me some idea of what you like and more about what you are looking for in the immediate environment, I can make some suggestions, then it is a matter of finding an agent or looking at the websites that are the best for rentals.

I hope this helps a bit.

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Hi - a lot of the agents club together and post available properties on a site called Kyero.com. Try that. That's where we found our dream let.....with our dog. Good luck.

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