Will swap a huge estate in Russia for a...

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An English couple will swap a large estate in Russia for a nice little house in the south of France or Spain. We have a 1 mile of a river front land (32 ha of land in total) and happy to swap it for something more manageable. It is only a 4 hour drive from St Petersburg! There are 4 small plots (1/4 acre each) on which the building is allowed ( planning permission granted). There is a small, unfinished, but fabulous log house (a chalet) of approx 90 m2 built. There is a spring water (well) and electricity on the land. You can still build 3 more houses on this part (two 15x12m two storey houses and one 7x15m one storey). Right next to it there is a 31 ha of beautiful agro-land with a Forrest behind. You can also purchase another 35 ha of land next to it. Lots of fish in a river, berries and mushrooms in the Forrest, freshest of air and enormous business possibilities! Will consider all sorts of offers, one never knows :) 


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