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I'd rather like to plant a few small trees, what is the best time of year to plant them- anyone know?

started by: Milflores-853912 · last update: 1282300433 · posted: 1282174592

Anyone know where I can buy decent fabric to make clothes> Preferably near Malaga or Velez Malaga? I have found a place nea IKEA to buy textiles for curtains etc but I want to do some dress Making

started by: sneezewort · last update: 1282083722 · posted: 1282083722

Where is the best value place to buy tools? I have seen bits and pieces for sale in the chinese bazaars but feel that these would only be OK short term, I'd rather spend my money on something that will last me.

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Has anyone seen for sale anywhere nice recycling bins or bags for sorting the rubbish into?

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Just wondering if anyone has purchased one and if its worth it? Love to hear any feedback.

started by: sneezewort · last update: 1281351840 · posted: 1281128440

Got ant's marching through the house- what do i need to buy to get rid of them?!

started by: beckmiddleton-853127 · last update: 1279959042 · posted: 1279614416

Does anyone here use a grey water system? looking for tips and advice.

started by: Digital-854051 · last update: 1278543848 · posted: 1278358972

Does anyone know the approx cost of running a typical air con system per hour?

started by: Bridie-853867 · last update: 1278410575 · posted: 1278378270

I really enjoy easting outside but my eve meal is ruined by wasps which will not leave us alone. We have eliminated all wasps nests nearby but they still come!

started by: Brandy-854193 · last update: 1277989547 · posted: 1277989547

Hi, Does any one know of a company which shot blasts metal gates to remove old paint - save all the trouble and mess of paint stripping. We are located in Arroyo de la Miel, near Malaga Thanks Brandy

started by: Yorkshirelass-853910 · last update: 1277887720 · posted: 1277855924

I want to buy a solar blanket (pool cover) for my swimming pool. I am based inland from Malaga. Can anyone recommend a supplier on the costa del sol?

started by: ladygaga-853361 · last update: 1277235628 · posted: 1277116019

I think we have woodworm- what do I need to ask for to treat it?

started by: harepaws · last update: 1276893044 · posted: 1276596913

My boss has asked me to find out about window cleaners in the area, has anyone got any personal recommendations of a reliable and good quality business providing this service?

started by: ladygaga-853361 · last update: 1276813595 · posted: 1276281975

I want to plan my garden/patio for next year and would like suggestions for colourful plants which are fairly easy to take care of and long lasting.

started by: Lornamarshall-853728 · last update: 1276784237 · posted: 1276524859

I have a large BBQ that needs a deep clean of the griddle, it is in 3 pieces that look rusty.Lorna

started by: ladygaga-853361 · last update: 1275992166 · posted: 1275762789

We are thinking of having some of that tint put on our windows which stops the sun blazing in so much, as at this time of year it can be unbearable! Anyone able to recommend a business which does this?

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Torre Blanca, Benalmedina area. Has anyone had any dealing with architects in this area? We are looking for someone withexcellent design and knowledge of apartments as we would like to sort out an ongoing problem we have had for years. I think the reply must be by a PM. Thanking you in advance.

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My bean plants were looking great but for some reason although there are loads of flowers they are just falling off and not turning into beans- any ideas why?

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Well, I have woken up with mosquito bites on my face which is rather irritating. Can anyone recommend their best anti mosquito tips, and which if any, of these plugins are the best?

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Hi does anyone know a company i can ring to come and install Sky Digital in Mijas-Costa ?????

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