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Hi there, I currently live in France but now have my house on the market, however I'm aware that due to the present property climate I could be still waiting for a couple of years to sell. Your brain picking part of this is that Hubby and I are seriously thinking about renting a place around the Valencia region ( this is where we are hoping to buy when sold) for the winter months say beginning Dec. to end March. Where would you recommend for the warmest, driest area to base ourselves? What sort of prices are we looking at? and are there any pitfalls to the renting scene? thanks in advance for you advice

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Hi all Am thinking about buying some property in or around Sedella. Have trawled up a few estate agents - www.taurusrealestate.com, www.abaxproperties.com, www.spanish-homes.com (and www.spanishhomes.com !) Are any of these any good, or can anyone recommend a better one? Thanks John

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Flat screen TVs are very expensive in Spain compared to UK prices. Does anyone know if a UK bought LCD TV will work OK in Spain if I bought one and brought it over? ie signal would be to AV1 from a Sky box.

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I am moving from France to Spain in a few months and am in need of knowing whether of not the outlet plugs are the same. It looks like in Spain they have two cylinder prongs that go in just like in France but I see a difference with France having another prong coming out of the wall which actually goes inside the plug below the other two prongs. Please let me know if my plugs will work in Spain if not...is there somewhere I can find a converter online. Blake

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Can anyone explain what this is please and once a bulletin is issued how long it takes to actually get electricity to the house...

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ive been living in Brittany western france for the last 6 months begining to think i made a mistake coming here it takes forever to get anything done ,been waiting a month for french registration plates for the car when you ring them all you get is ,its in hand sir,you always get an estimated electric bill even if they read the meter and so it goes on.Are things better done here ?

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Hi Does anyone have recommendations for Glass Curtain fitters on Mijas Costa. Will also be requiring bathroom and kitchen fitters

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My Sony MP3 player has stopped working properly. It is out of guarantee but I wondered if anyone knew of anywhere that could have a look at it and possibly fix it.

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Much as its nice to see the yellow flowered oxalis plants in the countryside at this time of year, I'm having real problems with them in my garden. It seems like everytime I turn round, more are sprouting. I don't want to use chemicals, any other suggestions?

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I am in need of a burgler alarm system and have looked all over the place! The cheapest I've seen is still more than I would have expected to pay. I've checked out the DIY stores and the local press. Any ideas?

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Any thoughts on painting over tiles? It's just the narrow tile 'freeze' that goes around the kitchen; why the Spanish insist on completely tiling kitchens and bathrooms??? Thank you

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Hiya Any idea of laptop prices in Spain compared to other european countries? Good places to buy one? Thanks!!

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Was wondering if anyone in the Malaga area would be able to quote us for a shower screen and if poss, come and fit it for us?! We are based in Montilla (Cordoba), so just over an hr away. Having said that, if instalation wasn't too taxing we could probably manage! The problem I am faced with here is that due to the height being shorter than the standard 190(?) cms, I have been getting quotes which I feel are excessive (to say the least)! So, we are looking for a two panal (left side fixed, right side hinged), in toughened glass. Really the simpler the better. We do like the frameless ones though I guess they'd be more expensive. Any info/help would be fab. Thanks.

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Can anyone recommend anywhere? It seems you either have to fork out a fortune for a piece of 'ok' furniture, fork out even more for a quality piece or head to Ikea. The latter in not an option as it always leads to fall-outs!

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Would also like to (eventually) replace our standard, white marbled floor with wood, ie. parquet/click system whatever but wood not laminate. Any thoughts? Everyone here seems to think it's a bad idea due to the heat. But the marble is of a poor quality and keeps chipping. It's also like walking on an ice rink in Winter! thank you.

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I want to paint the metal staircase in my garden- what sort of paint do I need?

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Hi every body The mrs and I are about to retire and have been looking at the possibility of purchasing a mobile home in Spain on a residential site, living all year round. We would realy appreciate any views on mobile home living both good and bad. What are the pit falls to look out for. Any views on models of Homes which are the ones to avoid etc? As for residential sites which ones do you recommend and which ones to avoid. Thanks All Chris

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Anyone know where I can buy dye for satin shoes?

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I have some old blankets, clothes, fabrics etc which are not in any condition to be given to charity shops or other people. Rather than just dumping them in the bin anyone got any ideas for recycling them?

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I'm really fed up with the Spanish builders! They are never on time and usually don't know what they are doing. Has anyone got the same problem?

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