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please give help to this charity if you can they hand out food to those in desperate need check your local catholic church for info

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Hi we are looking for a handyman or someone who can put up a fence for us urgently to stop our 2 small dogs excaping am having a problem finding someone does anybody no someone who could do the job please thankyou.

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I was thinking of getting digital radio, can anyone tell me if there are plenty of English speaking stations

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I want a sofa and some chair reupholstered(if thats the word!) and wondered if anyone knows anywhere that does it?

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HOLA! I wondered whether anyone could give me some good advice? I am due to move to Atlantico, Oasis De La Cala in January 2010. I am slightly confussed about having internet and telephone installed. I have heard bad stuff about Telefonica and I was shocked to hear it would be 299.00 euro to have a reception box fitted with VIP hotspot. Ideally i would like to have a package where i can call the UK and use the internet (good speed) for a fixed monthly amount. I would prefer not to pay a ridiculous set up fee if it can be avoided! Is it really that difficult? I would love some advice! Many thanks TOJO

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Hi Does anyone know of anywhere on the coast that can "dip & strip" outside wooden furniture? I have a cream table and chairs that I want to take back to original wood colour. Thanks

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Can anyone help, we would like to heat our pool & think solar panels would be the best..Has anyone got some for sale? perhaps going back to the UK & don't want them anymore?

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Anyone know a shop around Belamadena that can unlock my mobile for me.

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Is it possible to wash a duvet at home as I am fairly far from the laundrette and would rather do it myself than pay anyway. How would I go about it?

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I've just posted an article which is aimed at giving you some ideas for improving holiday rental bookings:How to increase bookings for your Spanish property online

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Does anyone know of an experienced Corgi gas engineer who could fit a Gazco Hollyrood (LPG) gas fire which I have brought with me from the U.K. It also needs the fireplace facia reformed (some brickwork & tiling). I am in the Mijas Costa area.

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Has just bought a new BBQ and its a gas one. How much does it cost to buy gas and is it true I have to pay a contract fee?

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Anyone living around Nueva Torrequebrada/Torrequebrada who have noticed that all mail including everything from utility companies has not been delivered at least the last 4-6 weeks? Everything was fine until early June but now nothing locally nor anything from abroad seems to arrive. I have contacted the utilities and checked our address and so forth but there was no errors so... I am wondering. Where is the mailman? Long Siesta?

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Thre are official warnings re wild fires all over spain just a qucik reminder to have a fire plan in place should the worst happen

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Can anyone confirm whether they have managed to get their Telefonica line rental cost reduced? I was told that they have had to introduce lower line rental costs if you don't use the phone very much but then someone else told me it was for pensioners only. When I called Telefonica they weren't too keen to tell me anything about it.

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I have tried to find a recipe for this cake that my Mum used to make about 30 years ago! It's an apple cake but the cake part is more like a light shortbread and it has the apple filling between two layers of this. Has anyone heard of this or know where I'm likely to find the recipe?

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My wife has lost a gold ring somewhere in our garden, Does anyone out there have a metal detector who could come and search?

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What's the best material for umbrellas that will be outside all year round, and is concrete or ironwork a better material for the base? I had a cheap one last year and the umbrella rotted away to nothing and the plastic base (even filled with stones) kept 'wandering' all over my terrace with even a little wind.

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Anyone know where i can get Hoppi Ear candles please?

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As this is coming into force on July 1st I wondered if anyone has been doing any research to see who are the cheapest/best providers?

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