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Is it a fact that having lots of inflatable toys etc, in the pool with decondition the water quickly?

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Hi there, I would really appreciate some help. I am not living in spain and require a reputable property manager, for my appartment in the arrroyo de la miel area. I have had some bad experiences with property managers in the past so I could use some suggestions and reccommendations. Thank you for taking the time to read this request.

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does anybody have the name/ phone number of an excellent spanish dressmaker able to copy dress exactly from a photograph , thank you .

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My last electricity bill seemed rather high for the period of the year and I can't think why. What's the best way to save more electricity as I have mostly energy saving bulbs and don't leave things plugged in - I have the multiple socket extensions with the power on/off switch so thought I was doing well?

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Just wanted to let you all know that I just had my electricity bill reduced by 35% by installing a hot water solar system on my house. This is the future guys! I paid it right out but these guys have leasing available as well. Did my homework well and eventually came to the guys from pretasol.com. Definately worth looking at! Doing this because they asked for some referrals. So don´t forget to mention my name when you get in touch with them! Thanks

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friends are renting a flat for 3 weeks it does not have a broadband or wireless ,any ideas how they can use a wireless connection wiithout giving their credit card details, is there anything they can pre buy . thank you

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I have not long had a new gas boiler refitted, and yesterday morning the gas ran out- or so I thought. I bought a new one but when I went to change the bottle I could tell the old one still had gas in it- and low and behold when I went to light the flame it worked again. My friend said that sometimes you have to shake the bottle to get it running through properly again, but that sounds wrong to me? Any ideas?

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does anybody know if its possible in spain to have a landline with incoming only calls .no outgoing. or any other ideas how to allow incoming calls only in a rental flat. thank you.

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Electrical items seem to be pretty expensive here, any recommendations for fridge/freezers etc.?

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Has anybody ever worked out what it costs to run a 'standard' air con unit per hour?

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As there are so many different types I wondered which people found the best, what material and whether manual or not?

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I'm not known for being particularly green-fingered and it seems every time I turn around another plant dies on me! I've no garden, only courtyard so I need hardy plants that will survive in pots but I don't like cactus and I do want some colour. Any ideas or tips would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi, We are moving back to the UK this summer. We are leaving the house furnished to be let but need to move personal goods like books, CDs, toys. clothes etc back to the UK. I am looking at different removals companies and getting quotes but wondered if anyone could recommend the cheapest way to transport personal goods to the UK. Is it possible to find people who have driven stuff down in a van and are going back with the van empty for example? How would I find someone who might be able to take our stuff to the UK for us? Thanks! Antonia

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Does anyone know a reliable air conditioning engineer to supply and install air conditioning in my house in Benalmadena Costa. Also I plan to rent it out and wonder if anyone else has used coin fed meters to pay for electricity to run the air con? Any help would be appreciated.

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Where can I go to buy a gas bbq, in the region of Benalmadena Costa?

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Whilst recently selling a property i have encountered 2 large real estate companies with very bad practices, i wonder who else has the same views. The first sent a valuer around. he within 10 minutes valued my property at 200,000 less than an official bank valuation which i showed him, and then advised that if i wanted to sell quickly it would be 1,000 euros, in advance, in cash to him.?   Not surprised when 2 weeks later their offices are all closing down.The second, after agreeing to the high commission of 7.5% plus vat, they then proceeded to tell me my property would sell quicker if i agreed to pay the salesman 10 to 15,000 cash on completion as a backhander.Is it any wonder the coast is getting a bad name?

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I am interested in finding an alternative lifestye community, people that are into eco freindly living. Has anyone heard of such a thing in Spain

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I am being driven mad by flys in my house and don't have any way to keep them out that's practical (opening out patio doors etc.) Looking for something to keep them away that actually works and won't harm animals and is a reasonalbe price too!

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Hi, am tryng to find out cost of supplyng and fiting security shutters to my bedroom patio window, can anyone help please. many thanks, Mo

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I am looking for an English speaking plumber in the Marbella area, anyone know of one?

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