started by: hilda&dave · last update: 1207922329 · posted: 1206878871

I have some friends over soon and want to cook traditional paella, but I also want to do a vegetarian version to cater for some of the party. Anybody got any ideas?

started by: Brummie-847941 · last update: 1207822609 · posted: 1207500912

Does anyone know what the plot size limitation is for a planning area on an urban plot? Brummie

started by: Brummie-847941 · last update: 1207176529 · posted: 1206809825

Does anybody know the building jargon in spanish for 'dry rot'? Thanks Brummie

started by: Brummie-847941 · last update: 1206021686 · posted: 1205274931

Can anyone recommend someone who can supply and fit air conditioning to a private property? Cheers Brummie

started by: Henry-847772 · last update: 1205426552 · posted: 1204131013

We are thinking of having a pool constructed, Around 8 x 4. can anyone recommend a good firm give us a quote and undertake this project.

started by: Sylvia-847255 · last update: 1204103534 · posted: 1203986447

Does anyone know where to hire a marquee inland Malaga Thanks Sylvia

started by: rufus-847771 · last update: 1204103260 · posted: 1203756945

I was thinking of getting a built in water filter does anyone install them here.

started by: claudie-847773 · last update: 1204020248 · posted: 1203588192

I washed several white linen table clothes after a party and they looked ruined, they have yellow stains alll over them. Stains where not there when I put them in the machine, what could have happened, what can I do?

started by: mr angry-847760 · last update: 1203074893 · posted: 1202812046

Processional caterpillars how do you deal with these pests I want to be ready to strike before they do!!

started by: rufus-847771 · last update: 1202983577 · posted: 1202983577

Can anyone tell me are there tree preservation orders in this region, or can i chop down any tree i want to that is on my property.

started by: rufus-847771 · last update: 1201510629 · posted: 1201175499

It there a supplier of an Inflatable pool dome in C de Sol, i ve heard you can use the pool all year if you have one.

started by: Maria-846616 · last update: 1199827591 · posted: 1199827591

There seem to be losts of pool companies and now we are really confused about who to use and which type of pool to build. Anyone have any recommendations?

started by: jayne-846694 · last update: 1196607453 · posted: 1196414716

Does anyone know where I can get the alarm with the turtle that you attach to your child. You can take it anywhere and if my child goes into water the alarm goes off? Think its called a turtle alarm? jayne

started by: jessica-846603 · last update: 1196414964 · posted: 1168679978

I would like to find an Ikea to get a few bits my villa is missing. Where is the nearest around here. jess

started by: jo-846628 · last update: 1196414277 · posted: 1196107649

Just seen the advert at the top of the page! What a good idea,. Everything you want in one room and all yours to use! Wish I had the money.... Mind you 15000 for the basic package is not bad!

started by: helen and bill · last update: 1195917715 · posted: 1195917715

now the rain has started!! i have water coming through my ceiling. it is from my flat terrace above, i need a builder fast. i live in Alhaurin can anyone help?

started by: sunny-846713 · last update: 1194206949 · posted: 1191588016

After the storms over the last few weeks my pool has turned green! I have spent a fortune on all sorts of chemicals various pool people and shops have given me and it still looks like a pond! Any suggestions?

started by: stuart 76-847128 · last update: 1194167913 · posted: 1186875726

Hello, I would like to buy a property anywhere between Malaga and San Pedro, but, as anyone, i would like to find the best price, the question is, how long should i wait to dip my toe as it were? is there a lot further for prices to fall, or is the bottom still a way off? Stuart 76

started by: Ricky-847082 · last update: 1194167790 · posted: 1179865147

I believe that a new law has been introduced in Spain making it compulsory for all private swimming pool owners to have an approved fencing system around the swimming pool for security against children drowning Is this correct and if so where can I obtain clarification?

started by: stewpot-847370 · last update: 1193823538 · posted: 1193823538

I am based in Estepona and need a gardener. I just havent got the time to look after all the grass and trees! Recommendations please.

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