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Looking for a villa in Velez Malaga, need a good agent help! Heard many horror stories regarding estate agents so would rather have a recommendation. jayne

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Is it normal for an estate agent to demand money off you before you can place an offer on an apartment?

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Did you know that Mercadona has a shopping on line option and you can have it all delivered to your home!

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HELP summer is coming and I need someone to come and clean my pool! I live in Coin!!f

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A long shot but someone must know someone in the trade ! We're looking to buy a large tile hole cutter capable of cutting a hole for the bathroom waste pipes (something around 103mm I believe?). Been to the usual places such as Leroy Merlin/Bauhaus/AHC & Aki but they have nothing big enough. Any ideas ?Andy[url=http://www.iecalahonda2003.com/]Costa del Sol Long & Short Term Rentals[/url]

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I am planning to relocate from inland Granada to Nerja [ish]. Does anyone know of a small transport company that would be able to help us relocate? We don't know if anyone does it, but ideally we need a company able to transport us, a small Jack Russell terrier and about 3/4 suitcases.Does anyone know of anyone who could help?

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How do I get hold of orange gas bottles, can you buy them on contract to be delivered or do I need to go to a depot to collect them?

started by: paul-846676 · last update: 1180519289 · posted: 1175775620

Friend is renovating their house and needs a pool designing and building from scratch, can anyone recomend a compnay for me to give him please.

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Is water from the tap drinkable or does it give you stomach ache?? i put sum water in a glass this morning and it came out white... Loz

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Hi there,I have been living in my appartment for 18 months and have only got security on my lounge patio doors need them also for my bedroom patio doors does anyone know who can do these for me at a good price !Fraggle

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I'll be down there from mid-June and would be interested in house-sitting. I could also do house-maintenance or project management as part of the deal. I don't speak any Spanish, but I know a man that can!

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Hi,I'm looking for a company that sells tapping compound on the Costa del Sol can anyone help.Michelle

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Does anyone know of a good air con system to have installed and someone to install it please. Summers coming and I dont want to bake like last yearf

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Hi,I'm looking for a company who do security gates etc, unfortunately I was broken into last week and with my apartment being on the ground floor I need this done as soon as possible.Thanks,Fraggle

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Brought a new gas cooker (Hotpoint) from the U.K. -they sent conversion kit -but no doagrams to help -is there anyone who knowledgable who could come and get it working please. Near San Enrique km 133

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Does anyone know of any company's who deal in waste disposal Fuengirola area. Wanting to get rid of metal cans which are not hazardous.Loz

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Need a gardener and pool cleaner in the Benalmadena area anyone any ideas

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Need a local removal company to move my stuff in the next couple of weeks can anyone recommend one. I used Transcosta to move my things from the UK to here but think I use a smaller company for local.sue

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I have just moved into my new villa and need my kitchen replacing!! Can anyone recommend a supplier and fitter in Velez Malaga.

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