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did anyone else get a discount on the electric bill this month? What is it for?

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what sort of shrubs would be best to plant to create a windbreak?

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Our hob has broken and can't replace just now - so managing with just the oven and the microwave. But I'm finding it really hard to think of meals to cook because so many dishes involve at least some stage of cooking on the hob. Any ideas welcome!

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does anyone know where i can buy it here in spain?

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I have recently discovered that the inner gel from the leaf spikes of aloe vera is very good as a treatment for sunburn. does anyone know any other ways to use it?

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Hi, could anyone recommend any companies which offer property management services in the Duquesa area? Or even any which I should avoid? I'm looking to rent out a property over summer and I'd like pretty comprehensive property management, possilbly with advertising included. Thanks!  

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does anyone know where i can buy some nice faux silk flowers?

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can anyone explain how to switch from an english to a spanish plug, i'm fed up of using the converter things.

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Need to update the kitchen and can't decide whether to go for a gas or electric hob/oven. Does anyone know which is more economical to run? 

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hi whats the latest re loss of sky freeview and are their any alternatives

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We have a couple of scruffy looking palms, but have no experience in dealing with them. Does anyone know of a gardener who can sort them out for us (either tidying up or removing and replanting if it makes more sense)

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We are really feeling the pinch this winter and are looking for any tips and tricks to try to save money.  Any ideas welcome!

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My Mother loves gardening I was wondering if people here knew of an english cmmunity where there were small gardens to take care of an interest in that. I guess Im feeling into where would be an idela place for my mother to retite. It would be here in spain near me I live in Marbella  but with a community of people her age 65 up that love gardening and outings and basicly just a close knit community. Im pretty sure places like that must esist.   PS even though I live in Marbella my work takes me away alot that is whay Im not si knowledgable on the local scene. Amy information you can send me would be greatly appreciated   Sincere;y   Andrew Fretwell

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I have just finished cutting down the unsightly conifers at the edge of my garden. A huge vine-like plant had grown into the trees from the un-occupied house next door, which was choking the higher growth, turning it brown. I removed the cut conifers to a hired skip. I have cut down the neighbour's vine to the height of the party wall, and did not want to fill another skip with the large amount of vine cuttings. To cut a long story short, I have lobbed all the vine cuttings back into his garden. Am I right to do so, or is this just a British 'thing'? Should I get rid of these vines myself?  Should I try to hide them?  Should I deny any knowledge of the incident?  Should I plead insanity?    Advice please Griff

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Hi, I would like couple of roman blinds made - does anyone know of someone who makes roman blinds in the area?  Thanks!

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I have been doing an online course about disaster preparation and it has really got me thinking about being a bit more prepared. I'm not talking build a bunker and prepare for the zombies kind of thing - just having food and water stocked up for a few days in case of emergency! Does anyone else have a disaster plan? Would love to hear all thoughts and discussion!

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My other half is really irritated by the sight of our satellite dish (its rather shabby and very visible in the garden) does anyone have any ideas for how to diguise it/make it a bit less noticeable?

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Hi can anyone tell me where I can buy 20 litres of linseed oil at a reasonable price,  I am located 87140, many thanks                               Steve

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Over the weekend it was my birthday and a friend gave me a really lovely scented candle from a company called Vela del tesoro - hidden inside the candle is a ring.... which could apparently be valued at 10€, 50€ or even more... I thought it was a really unique and fun pressie, so I'm sharing their facebook page here : https://www.facebook.com/VelasDelTesoro  

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I would like to grow some nut (almonds or hazlenut) trees on my land, but was thinking that maybe they take a very long time before you actually get any nuts? Does anyone else on here grow their own?

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