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HHideous anyone know where we could get a ceiling can repaired? Our recent guests broke podcasts the pull cord so we can't turn the ceiling fan on now . Failing that, where can we buy a nice / modern replacement? We are based in Caleta de Velez. Thanks in advance.  

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We planted a couple of Argaves about 6 years ago,  not knowing how they would grow.  They are now taking over & we need to get rid of them.  We've tried digging them up but they are so heavy that it's quite impossible.  Does anyone know of any other way we can get rid or kill them?

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My best frind wants to buy ( cash waiting) a holiday property near the sea...near Estepona or San Pedro. Two or three bedrooms, little garden if possible and ground floor as she has a disabled brother who may like to visit. ( at least not many stairs!!) . Has anyone got any advise on agents or private sale?  I think near the sea is THE most important  thing!! Thankyou.

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There are lots of olive saplings in my neighbours garden and she has given me some - I want to plant a couple in pots on my patio. I know they won't get to full size but would like some tipd on how to keep them healthy and looking good, thanks.

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Does anyone know where I can get a replacement wooden door hinge made by G-U Ferco 9.40268? I am assuming that it was originally bought somewhere near the urbanisation, so around Costa del Sol. G-U has a branch in Spain but am not sure who would be the retailer. I have been in touch with UK branch but no joy.  

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Got bitten last night! Anyone else having mozzie problems already?

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I'm wanting to start a little organic garden.  Anyone know where I can get organic plants or heirloom seeds? What about the safest source of soil? I havnt been able to find any organic plants or seeds so I was trying to look for info on bringing them in internationally either during a trip or ordering thru the post, but became very confused try the Spanish law. Help?

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I have this yellow plum tree now for 3 years and so far there is no sign of any plums. Lots of green leafs but no fruit. Do I replace it or is there some solution?

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Anyone have any info on where the best place is to get one of these? thanks, suzanne

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Where can I find someone who sticks pool tiles back on without the need to empty the pool.

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Apologies if this has been covered already; I couldn't find a search thread to check. We have a holiday home in Spain and we've been told channel 5 went in Dec and the rest are going in July. We keep hearing conflicting opinions and wondered what people who currently have Sky but are going to lose it are planning on doing. Does it mean we need to get Internet installed? We live about ten mins drive from Nerja. Anyone who could advise? Thanks in advance. Angela

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Does anyone know what the yellow flowers are called that grow wild here, everywhere?

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Does anyone know where I can buy wallpaper?  The choice in Leroys is very limited. 

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A friend on Skype advised me to cut the main stalk and leave the outer ones growing. Is this a good idea?

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Is there any sort of spray available to solve damp walls and force the rain water to run off the walls.

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My niece is staying with us for easter and we thought it would be fun to decorate some eggs. Its been years since I've done this sort of thing, any tips or suggestions please?

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Someone once told me that a certain flower planted around a vegetable patch will keep insects away. What flower?

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Has anyone found a good internet replacement for when we lose our TV signal this year?

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Hi. i am looking for an estimate for a village house roof to be stripped and either retiled with exsisting tiles (any damaged tiles replaced) or new tiles, the address is :- Calle Humans Castillo de Locubin if you are interested please email me for further details,the approx area is 65sq mtrs.best regards.sabc15.

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Trying for the last 2 years to grow sprouts here in the mountains altitude 600m. All I get are the leafs. Any advice?

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