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Can anyone recommend a good internet provider Axarqia area?

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Does anyone know anywhere in Malaga where I can get a BOSE CD player serviced/repaired?

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Can I graft apricot onto almond trees

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Anyone know of a man with van who does a run from Brighton area to Malaga.

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By mistake I bought a bottle of ammonia instead of floor cleaner....doing the shopping at last minute and just grabbing anything lol .... anyway, I seem to remember that ammonia is supposed to be dangerous if it gets near other cleaning products? So how can I use it and be safe?

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Anyone out there with Thermotechnic Solar Hot water and has it made any difference to your electricity bill. My solar tank fills my normal electric tank (apparently this is the official rule) and there is no change in my bills.

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I want to hedge my 30m driveway on both sides with something that will grow fast. Any suggestions?

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I planted some old potatoes about a month ago and now I have some growth about six inches above ground. When will they be ready to harvest?

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has anyone else noticed that their iberdrola bill has not come through yet this month? or is it just me? checked on the website, but not showing anything due their either, quite strange as they are usualy eager to get their hands on my money?!

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Anyone know a supplier of fireproof and burglar proof metal filing boxes for your escritura, birth cert,will etc? Looking in Malaga area?

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I need a good reliable and trustworthy property management person/agent company urgently as my current provider has let me down badly and I want to change to a more reputable company.  To service an apartment in manilva area.

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Hi, does anyone know where I can purchase a garden chimenea - to use for heating near the barbeque, but not a patio heater. Thanks

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Is it too late to start growing butternut squash from seed?

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ok this might sound like a silly question to some of you but i really need some help. i moved into a place with an open fire and have loads of trouble trying to light it. I don't really know where to start, i have been putting some balls of newspaper and twigs, but as soon as i put bigger stuff on it just goes out. very frustrating and i feel so stupid! can anyone explain what to do properly?

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My neighbours chimney caught fire last week and it was a bit scary for a short while until the fire was put out. It has done a lot of damage with a bg crack in the chimney.  What can I buy to clean my chimney and what frequency should I clean it?

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Can anyone make me a recommendation for a company which delivers flowers please.

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What is the average price now for a camion of logs?

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Can anyone recommend a good online storewith cheap postage to Spain to buy seeds for fruit and vegetables.  I want some more unusual varieties than I can buy in Spanish shops for example chocolate cherry tomatoes and lemon thyme.

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My first year pear tree is flowering now. Is this a good sign?

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does anyone know of someone able to fix a lawnmower? Near Malaga.

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