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have been looking at these capsule coffee machines and thinking about getting one. Would love to have input on pros and cons plus the best designs.

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Can anyone recommend a fitter of sliding door mirrored wardrobes?  They seem to be in most modern apartments here so there must be a company supplying them but I cant find one. Dont say IKEA - I want a company who will come out and give me a quote and deliver and install etc.

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Hi there, have just bought an apartment in Nueva Analucia, which needs remodelling. I want to buy some contemporary furniture for it but wont have a big budget after doing the work on it. can anybody tell me where a good place is to get some decent furniture? I would need it delivered within a few days of ordering as I'm not staying out here just yet. many thanks :)

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I am quite new to this forum but I have read several posts relating to people who have has work done and are recommending them to others. I would like to recommend Sam the Gardener.  He is only a young chap but he was at La Cala Market promoting himself and his services and handing out leaflets of which I took one.  Having spoken to him at the market I was very surprised at what a nice yound man he was.  Having returned home I I decided that I would give him a try.  I have several palms and large hedges that really are getting beyond my control, so I called him and made arrangements for him to come around and sort out my garden. He arrived the next day on his bicycle with his tools, I showed him what I needed doing and that was it, he up the palm tree cutting down the dead fronds and when this was completed he then set about the hedges.  I am a little particular and wanted them cut quite squarely and was very pleased that he listen to my instruction and did just that.  From an unruly mess came a very neat cut hedge. If you need your garden sorting out ready for the winter or have regular work in your garden that needs doing, I would highly recommend this lovely young man. Sam can be contacted on 627832289

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OK I have had a good crop of plums etc but I think the plum trees need some pruning back. When is the best time to do this?

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Is it possible to source this tree here in a garden centre and can it grow here?

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should i feed my cactus plants?

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Anyone with any advice on cleaning the chimney before the cold evenings. I heard that there is a special brick/coal which can be purchased from a hardware shop.

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Can anyone in the area recommend a reasonable priced Internet Provider. At the present we are with Telefonica but they seem expensive.

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Can anyone tell me where would be good for birthday party venue for 3/4 year olds?

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Paul can undertake most types of building/maintenance work,,, is a fully qualified painter and decorator - with all own tools etc And is a UK qualified Tree Surgeon! Looking for any type of work along the coast or inland,,, Hardworking, Reliable and Honest If you have anything you need doing, from a couple of hours to full time please give him a call on 655466288

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Have come across a company called Sunset Country Properties based in Archidona. Has anyone had any positive or negative experiences with them?

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I think one of my palm trees is infected with the dreaded palm beetles. I've read that the grubs can be killed with treatment if caught early enough. The tree still looks very healthy so I'd love to save it if possible. Anybody else had this and treated their tree, or know where I can get the stuff, or know of anybody who deals with such things? All advice / info appreciated.

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This has not been a good year for growing my butternut squash. Previous years produce averaged about 40 but this year it is just 8. All the seeds for this years crop came from last years produce whereas it was a mix of new/produced in previous years. Is it the extreme hot weather or the seeds?

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Does anyone know if there ia a mirror wardrobe supplier/fillter in the Axarquia area?

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My current guests get in the pool covered in sun lotion. I have asked them to use the shower first but I do not want to monitor them 24/7. The pool is looking a bit cloudy now. Is shocking the solution?

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Has anyone bought one of the beds that they advertise on Antena 3 on Ruleta de Suerte? I am thinking of replacing my bed and they look like they miight be good value but I'd be interested to hear other opinions

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I have about 10 tiles come off the bottom of my pool. How can I get them back on. I do not want to drain the water.

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Much to my Spanish neighbours amazement I have suceeded in growing a mango tree. We live at above 700 metres and he said it would never survive the winter. But after using pipe lagging as a winter jacket for three years I have now been rewarded with mangos. The wind blew two off sadly but there are three left growing nice and big. How do i know when to pick them? I dont want to leave it too long in case they fall but dont want to pick them too early either. Any tips?

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Can I successfully grown a butternut squash from the seeds o one I have bought? They seem to grow like weeds in my neighbours garden so I thought I would give it a go. What time of year do I plant them and do I have to do anything special with the seeds?

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