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Hello. One of my neighbours has painted his exterior walls with insulation paint called Nansulate. He is very confident about it. I am not sure. Has anyone else used it? Besos

started by: Lawrence Salvoni-854348 · last update: 1341225992 · posted: 1331900719

Hola!, looking for a local (Mijas Costa) supplier of a Video Door/Gate Intercom system. The wireless working range must be at least 50m. Ideally with two colour monitors.Many thanks

started by: ladygaga-853361 · last update: 1341224124 · posted: 1314614722

Our water meter doesn't have a "door" to keep it covered and stop people meddling! I asked the waterboard and they say I have to buy one. Is that correct? If so, where would I find such a thing?

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I have seen some neighbours with filters (some 2 and some 3) on their water pipes from their deposito. What are these for?

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I have a new log store full with new logs for the next cold spell. Over the last week or two some of my logs have holes drilled in and I have just found out that it's the carpenter bees nesting. What can I do to prevent this happening?

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Has anyone experience of changing electricity supplier from Endesa who must be rated the most difficult people to deal with. I had my supply cut off without warning despite having an active standing order which was accessed by them for the last 4 years? They now deny there is an SO which is a lie as my bank confirms it is still active. Are the alternatives any better and if so how does one go about changing?

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I'm new to Torox, Costa Del Sol, and would like to buy some outside LED fairy lights to decorate the outside of my Chalet verandah. Where could I buy some?

started by: Trueporteno · last update: 1339229595 · posted: 1339202241

Are we entitled to any compensation for the disruption in service when the Ayuntamiento cut the water to on a regular basis to save water.

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I would like some suggestions of fast-growing climbing plants - not really keen on bouganvilla though!

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Planted a few of these seeds in pots a few weeks ago and boy have they shooted up quickly - almost a 1/2 m tall. Too late to move them now but how high do they actually grow?

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Can anyone suggest some good places in Malaga to buy good quality garden furniture? I already looked in Eroski, Leroy Merlin and Carrefour.

started by: Bridie-853867 · last update: 1337076136 · posted: 1336258606

Does anyone know where I can buy a fitted carpet in the Malaga area,I know Leroy Merlin sell them but wondered if anyone of anywhere else?

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Does anyone know whether the town halls arrange for pick up of large items of rubbish over here? I have a broken fridge freezer that I need rid of, but have heard that you can get fined if you just leave it for the normal bin collection.

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I am moving to Estepona later this year, into a furnished house. I have some items which I will want to bring over, mostly clothes and personal stuff. Probably not enough for a van. What's the cheapest way of sending over this stuff? Help!

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We are new to Torox and would like to know where to look/buy sun lounging chairs?

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Hello, I just wondered what the average prices everyone is paying for their electricity and phone/internet bills? I'm currently with Telefonica for my phone line (Which never gets used) and internet, they are charging around €75 per month. Just wondered if this is a normal price and if there are any better deals/suppliers? Also my electricity bill, I'm in a 1 bed apartment (I do have the computer on all day for work but didn't think that would use very much) and my bill is between €80 - €100 per month, yet my aunt who is in a 3bed town house is only getting bills for around €70. I can't see how they can be so much each month! Does this sound like the normal amount to be charged? Thanks! :-)

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Ooops I just brok the glass in the door of my woodburner. It is a big one 61.5 x 40cm. I have enquired and been given prices ranging from 40 Euro to 120. Has anyone else had this problem and what is a reasonable price. The 40 Euro verson seems very cheap so worried its not pecial glass?

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Might be a daft quaestion but we have a woodburner and have never had one before. The chimney outside looks black and when I look at other houses theirs dont seem as dirty. Should I have the chimney swept every so often or is it not necessary unless you have a problem. the fire still draws and all seems ok.

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I am looking for an lpg wall heater with a flue to the outside. Does anybody know where I can buy one from as they don´t seem to be available in my area. Many thanks.

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have anyone seen "oasis" florist foam, the type which holds water and you push the flower stems into it.

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