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easyletsur, property management services company offering long/short term lets holiday lets. We offer pool and garden maintenance, 24 hour key holding service,meet and greet holiday client service,property admin,airport transfer service, general property maintenance and more . checkout www.easyletsur.com you can contact us on Tel 0034-951272641 Mobile 0034-633826218 info.easyletsur@yahoo.com Easyletsur Require properties now for long / short term lets aswell as Holiday Lets, list your property for free with us we have clients waiting .

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Can anyone recommend a woodburner installer who speaks english in the Mijas area I have a woodburner that's not working properly.

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Anyone used a switching company here in Spain to change electricity company? What are your experienes good bad? I am thinking of switching but dont know where to start and what companies are out there but I have to reduce my electric bill its getting silly.

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Does anyone know of a chimney sweep, we live in the Calahonda area.

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could any one tell me were there is a good carboot sale on this week .thanks

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Have been hearing a lot about wireless internet providers, anyone here use one and able to share their thoughts re reliability/costs?

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has anyone seen a shop with good/interesting stocking fillers for kids? Planning ahead this year as i can't be bothered with all the crowds closer to christmas.

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Can anyone recommend a company to shift a load of stuff from France Normandy to the Costa del Sol, I have heard loads of horrid stories...jess

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Hi All, Does anyone know of any good value places in Marbella or Estepona region for pine furniture? In particular wardrobes. Even nationally but online would be good. Can't seem to find anything online apart from furniture packs. Wondering where the best place is to go for this kind of thing. We don't have a fortune to spend so secondhand would be good too. Thanks all for any ideas....

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Someone mentioned that on red days you aren't supposed to do garden work/construction and you can be fined if you do. Anyone able to confirm this?

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Hi. We are having problems with a flat concrete roof which is leaking. We are going to eventually tile the concrete area which will then become a roof terrace - does anyone know of a sealer which we can apply to the concrete and then tile on? I think there may be a product from Stika, but so far I have not been able to find out the name of it. Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks.

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has anyone had tarmac laid here in spain if what was the results

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Hello..can anyone recommend a professional carpet/rug cleaner, I have spilt nail varnish on my pure wool rug :-(((( thanks

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I recently bought a house which had an aerial installed by a well known company I was extremely surprised that, when they came to remove the installation, they were unable to supply me with identification showing that they were from the copmpany. One of the in dividuals, who is, apparently, one of the partners in the business, somewhat arrogantly informed me that, the name on the side of thier van should be sufficient. They really did expect me to, not only allow them to enter my property but to remove items from it. To resolve the issue I took details from their residencia and Spanish ID cards. I find it appalling that, in this day and age, of increased crime, and burglaries in particular, companies, such as this do not feel the need to provide company ID. Presumably, over the eight or so years that they have been in business, literally thousands of home owners have allowed their employees access to their property without this ID. Can I suggest that if home owners insisted on company ID, before allowing access then companies would be forced to provide it.

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Hi, I Live on a small urbanisation in Nerja. Six small properties with communal pool. The pool is over 25 years old. I am looking for an independent report from a pool specialist who can provide the following. Current status of pool and equipment. Opinion of life expectancy. Cost of upgrade to current standards ( e.g filtration system) Cost to replace pool and equipment ( i. e. demolish existing pool and pump house/equipment ) and start again. Does any body know an independent specialist (architect/surveyor) that I can contact ? Obviously, I would pay a fee for independent advice.

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Can anyone giveany tips about growing grape vines from cuttings.

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I have found a caper plant in my garden! can anyone tell me how to preserve the capers? do i just put them in brine or is there more to it than that?

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Hi everyone - I have a shrub in my garden that I would like some help identifying. It has dark green glossy leaves and white "star" shaped flowers, with round pinky red fruit that form afterwards. Any ideas?

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The local market in Fuengarola ( saturday) seems to be charging between 20 25 euros for fairly small trees, thats a lot more then expected so, where can I find more reasonably priced ones?info on fruit trees in general would be appreciated tks,We live in Torrenueva Linda

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my neighbour has asked me to ask the members of AI : what is the best way to clean the glass of their woodburner? thanks in advance.

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