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Hello all. I have recently visited Latvia for the 14 time and bought an apartment there. If any one is interested in buying there l can recommend, what l believe to be a very good & helpful property consultant who was Anglo/Irish. So if anyone wishes to contact him or his assistant(speaks fluent Latvian & Russian)please contact me direct as l do not come here very often.

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I would further like to say that there are some very interesting places to visit in Latvia, not only in Riga, but in the other towns, villages & a very nice beach at Jumala(city where the wind is born). There is a deserted town about 150km from Riga that officially was not on maps during the soviet times in Latvia, called Skrunda 1 and at Liepaja there were a secret submarine base.

However in 'Old Riga' and in other parts of Riga there are some great pubs with great atmosphere and first class restaurants.........if anyone wants to know me.

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