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 We are delighted to offer you this new intensive three day course/holiday for developing horse riding confidence  May 7th 8th 9th 2016   Hosted by Cortijo Los Lobos, Malaga, Spain  Maybe you have suffered a loss of confidence following a fall,or you haven’t ridden for a while or for other reasons wish to improve your riding confidence. The course is designed to help you understand your horse using natural methods and ride in a safe and supportive environment tailored to participants' individual needs and levels of riding, together with hypnosis and counselling sessions to explore how your thinking affects your behaviour with your horse. Especially suited to those who wish to develop con?dance when riding for leisure. Ideal also for the novice or nervous rider. Small group of 6 riders. To be held at Cortijo Los Lobos,  Villanueva del Trabuco, Malaga, Spain.  The course will be facilitated by Polly-Anne Lloyd RMN, Dip Behav. Psych., member of the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis,behavioural psychotherapist and hynotherapist specialising in the psychology of riding and assisted by June Wolfe, owner of Cortijo Los Lobos who has many years experience of training horses in reward based methods and leading trekking groups.  Cost of the course: 693€ which includes 3 nights accommodation based on 2 people sharing a room, (arriving on the 7th and departing on the 10th May) all meals, counselling and hypnotherapy sessions and 10 hours available riding and horse related activities. For further information about the course content please contact Polly at: drhoof@me.com or (France 0033) (0) For more detailed information about the accommodation, meals, horses and riding, please contact June at: admin@cortijoloslobos.com or visit the website www.cortijoloslobos.com      

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Hi, We are about to start looking for a property to buy in the area and wondered if there is any problem with pets on urbanizaciones. We have seen rentals saying that dogs are not a problem if kept on a lead in the gardens, but what about cats? Many thanks,  

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Hi, Me and my fiancée need to give away 3 kittens. They are 12 weeks old and almost completely black. The reason we can't keep them for ourselves is that we have 5 other pets (3 cats,a dog and a rabbit) and another cat coming in a few months. The kittens are in Málaga, close to Plaza Victoria and Plaza de la Merced. We don't want anything for them, as long as they get a good home. WhatsApp me and I'll send pictures. Regards

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Hi I will be moving to Spain this year, do cats require a rabies vacanation?

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If you are a cat lover and one who is concerned about the many strays on the Costa, our U.K. based charity provide aid and neutering for several groups of strays in Torremolinos. We have a dedicated helper living in the area but welcome any cat lover who could spare even half an hour once or twice a week to help provide the aid (which we are currently only able to do alternate days or sometimes only three times weekly for the cats). All food costs are provided by ourselves. We are hoping someone out there would like to join our efforts and would love to hear from them. If you could help us with our groups we would gladly consider helping with any projects you have for the cats. Suzanne Thorpe PAWS IN NEED reg charity 1110537 35 Bucknall Ave Lincoln LN6 0BL England email suzannet2014@hotmail.co.uk

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Looking for a very good kennels in the near malaga... Recommenations pleazze????

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I would be pleased to hear from anyone who loves to feed pigeons (and birds), particularly along Carihuela and in hhe main  square of Torremolinos.  I love birds and visit several times yearly.  Michael.

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My partner runs Brit charity Paws In Need reg 1110537 and would like to hear from any cat lovers caring for strays in these areas and to know of any groups of cats and types of cats. Concerned about former (missing) cats in Calle Skal and Calle Chile areas. Mikey Nix.

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We have a two year old Black female pug ! The only problem is she is blind , Because we work all day we are looking to Rehome her  with somebody that is possibly retired or doesnt work so as to beable to spend time  with her as she is quite insecure and wants to be with you all the time , She is a lovely little girl  and would make a lovely companion for somebody . Please call if you think that  you could give our Esme a loving home . 

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a stray cat turned up and has made a nest and had kittens under our verandah. I have put ut water and food for her - is there anything else I can/should do?

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Hi, My little 10 y.o chihuahua has been diagnosed with an ulcer in the eye. It's been a week, I am giving her the drops as prescribed by the vet. Last wednesday, the vet told me it was getting better, but today saturday, there is no improvement. He tells me that we will wait until next week and if it is not better, he will have to saw her eye! I really don't want that and I would like to have a second opinion from a veterinarian specialised in ophtalmology. If you know one in the Marbella area (I live in San Pedro Alcantara), please let me know. If you experienced that with you little companion, and if the problem was solved, please let me know who did you see, what did you do. I thank you all in advance.

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I wonder if any of the forum readers are bee-keepers and can share experience? Would love to know the basics about getting started, as well as any other important information.

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I spend a lot of time in Torremolinos, several trips yearly.  I always feed the birds (and this includes pigeons) in Carihuela and the main square Torremolinos.  If anyone else is feeding them I would be very pleased to hear from you as I worry about their survival.   Suzanne

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H I have a young Russian Blue I wish to find a good home for. She is approx. about 2 and a half years old, I took her from a local cat charity earlier this year, I was told she was dumped in a rubbish skip heavily pregnant as a young kitten so she is extremely nervous and typical of a Russian Blue very shy.  She is now making progress, sleeps in the house and is very loving towards me, sits between my legs watching TV!,  for various reasons I now wish to give her away, a home without dogs would be ideal, we live near Mijas but will deliver her within a reasonable distance.  She was de wormed and de flead earlier this year, and has been neutered.

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Black male bobtail cat "Le Bob" was abandoned by his expat "family" in our urbanization. He is great with people and dogs. He is now looking for a new home. Please follow this link for picture(s).Please contact us if you have any questions.Isa & Henry

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Just wanted to post a reminder to be careful with pets during Christmas - all those decorations/candles even flowers (such as poinsettia) can prove to be tempting especially to cats and young animals. Apparently tinsel is particularly dangerous because if it is swallowed it can tangle in the intestines and needs a serious op to remove it. . Also keep the chocs well away from anywhere that your dog can get to as large amounts are poisonois to them.

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Has anyone seen Kong dog toys for sale here?

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Can anyone tell me what kinds of bats are found here please?

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Was walking the dog this AM and saw an unusual snail. It looked like I'd imagine a water/sea snail to be like - with a long cone shaped shell. Does anyone know what sort of snail it was?

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Based on the Costa del Sol, a humorous, farcical story of two adopted rescue dogs and their ex-pat owners. Anyone who has adopted a dog from a local rescue centre or worked at one will identify with the characters and bizarre situations... "Why're You Put Together All Wrong Like That...?" (An insight into human behaviour from a dog's perspective). Kindle and paperback editions available via Amazon. Universal link:  http://viewBook.at/WhyreYouPutTogetherAllWrongLikeThat

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