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Can anyone tell me what kinds of bats are found here please?


Scooby Doo-857142 1363686725

If they are flying over your poool or water then probably insect eating bats and the more you see then the better indicator of your eco environment.

oryx 1363765278

I was wondering if we get long eared bats here, as I was sure I saw one at the weekend.

Scooby Doo-857142 1363774158

It is unusual to see a long eared bat in southern Spain but I suppose with all the weather conditions it is possible.

Laurie-899054 1364299894

There are over 10 species of Bats in Andalucia, of which long and short eared bats are among them,

if you follow this link to find out their latin names and from there you can find their common names.

Many of the bats are in danger of extiction and like many EU countries they are protected by law

Los quirópteros cavernicolas de Andalucía - Junta de Andalucía

oryx 1364322886

Thanks for the info Laurie, I will make a cup of tea and have a browse of the link now!

jeanhilary 1380986250

Hi, I live near Malaga in the campo. Last evening, after dark, we were watching the tv, the doors were all closed and the only window without mosquito net was open perhaps 20cm. What we presumed to be a bat must have passed through the rejas and the slightly open window. It flew around the room at great speed, avoiding the ceiling fans that were on albeit slowly. It swooped up and down and round and round, the dogs were completely transfixed. I opened the doors to the outside and eventually our visitor swooped off. As it was dark we assumed it was not a bird. There was no chance of a pic as it was so fast. Anyone else had a bat squeeze in and give a flying display?

borne.wilde 1381010813

When we were viewing properties, there was one old farmhouse that had a small population of bats in an upstairs bedroom - They were quite startled when we started looking about - never seen one actually fly into a room though - must have been quite an exciting experience.

jeanhilary 1381162165

Yes it was exciting it left us with mouths open! What impressed us most was the navigation, there was such a small place to enter the house and he did it at high speed. Being in the campo we are used to little animals and things that come and go and whilst we see bats in the garden have never seen one hanging around the house. It looked like a swallow without a tail, very streamlined.

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