Calling all cat lovers!

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If you are a cat lover and one who is concerned about the many strays on the Costa, our U.K. based charity provide aid and neutering for several groups of strays in Torremolinos. We have a dedicated helper living in the area but welcome any cat lover who could spare even half an hour once or twice a week to help provide the aid (which we are currently only able to do alternate days or sometimes only three times weekly for the cats). All food costs are provided by ourselves. We are hoping someone out there would like to join our efforts and would love to hear from them. If you could help us with our groups we would gladly consider helping with any projects you have for the cats. Suzanne Thorpe PAWS IN NEED reg charity 1110537 35 Bucknall Ave Lincoln LN6 0BL England email


borne.wilde 1420831459

Do you have a facebook page at all?

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