kong dog toys

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Has anyone seen Kong dog toys for sale here?


heaven sent 1383903562

There are loads of spain based online pet stores, have a search for "jugetes Kong perro" and a big list comes up - looks like it is worth shopping around as some offer discounts on delivery and so on!

borne.wilde 1384244001

Thanks. Has anyone ordered from any of these online stores. Miscotas look like they have good prices - has anyone used them before and are they reliable?

heaven sent 1384373138

I'm afraid I haven't bought anything from an online pet store so I can't help with that one!

borne.wilde 1384596381

I decided to take a chance on miscotas as they seem to be a big company. Unfortunately there is a minimum order, so I added a few items to come up to the amount - low and behold, some of the items are out of stock and my order is delayed! Not very impressed so far.

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