stray cat and kittens

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heaven sent



a stray cat turned up and has made a nest and had kittens under our verandah. I have put ut water and food for her - is there anything else I can/should do?


custardpie-903507 1398687200

Don't be tempted to try and touch the kitties, the mother may abandon them or try to defend them and attack you. Keep giving her plenty of food and water though!

oryx 1398870689

How are the kittens and their mom doing?

heaven sent 1399064927

all doing well thanks for asking and have found a home for one kitten as soon as she is old enough!

custardpie-903507 1399322097

remember that you can put an free ad on the classifieds page to help find homes for the other kittens

heaven sent 1399396999

Thanks, I will do.

heaven sent 1399655361

Just had a call from another person to confirm they want a kitten - two left!

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