Urgent! Do you know a very good ophtalmologist veterinarian?

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Hi, My little 10 y.o chihuahua has been diagnosed with an ulcer in the eye. It's been a week, I am giving her the drops as prescribed by the vet. Last wednesday, the vet told me it was getting better, but today saturday, there is no improvement. He tells me that we will wait until next week and if it is not better, he will have to saw her eye! I really don't want that and I would like to have a second opinion from a veterinarian specialised in ophtalmology. If you know one in the Marbella area (I live in San Pedro Alcantara), please let me know. If you experienced that with you little companion, and if the problem was solved, please let me know who did you see, what did you do. I thank you all in advance.


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The only good vet i know about is the one I have used during my 12 year here on the Costa:

Clinica Veterinaria Pet Vet Kamu in Fuengirola.

dianef20-854522 1397486394

Thank you so very much, I will take a look.

Meanwhile, I have beeen told that this clinic is good. It is closer, in Nueva Andalucia http://www.pointermarbella.com/ 

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I don't know of a vet specialising in this area, but just wanted to post to wish your little dog a quick recovery - please update and let us know how she is getting on!

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Thank you so much for your concern. It seems like the ulcer is getting thinner, but she is not healing very quickly (maybe her age: 10). What is scaring me as well is that she is now peeing everywhere in the house except on her pad as she always did for 10 years (beside the street of course). I suspect a UTI. She is taking antibiotics so if she has UTI it should get better soon. Nevertheless, I have to get a second opinion on her eye and check her bladder and kidney. This is stressing me out. I will let you know  the outcome. Thank you again.

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