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I want to retire to Spain and bring my dogs and tortoise with me. I have 5 Rottweilers. I understand in Spain they are classed as Dangerous Dogs and need to be chained. My dogs live indoors, it would kill my old girl to be chained. Any advice or help will be appreciated. wishing

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I have some new pups that need re homing, can anyone suggest the best place to advertise them. I would like them to have good homes!!!

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Does anyone know where I can find a list of English speaking vets along the costa del sol. I am an animal behaviourist and would like to promote myself through the vets in Spain. Any other ideas welcome too.

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MARBLE, our 4 year old Malamute husky is looking for a new home. She is not a house dog, she has lived outside all her life. She is gold,tan and white and medium to large in size. She loves to playand is better with a football than the England team!. She is not the normal barking Spanish dog, she's quiet and very friendly. We are moving at the end of June and are looking for a new loving home for Marble ASAP. Thanks. ARM

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I thought I would share with you all that you can buy Natural dog food from www.healthypets-spain.com at 45€ for 15kg as long as you buy 2 or more, I originally bought it at the original retail price but on my second order when I went to buy it I was pleasantly surprised to find the special offer price. If I find any other great offers on line for us expats I'll let you all know, cause we all love a bargain especially this sort of thing.

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I have just found a company selling natural dog food from the UK on the net 2x15kg for 90€ delivered - how good is that!

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Presented by the Torremolinos Darts League, To be held at the V.I.P Bar in Pueblo Blanco, on Saturday 16th of June at 20:30 (8:30pm). Proceeds are given in aid of P.A.D. For more information about P.A.D please visit their home page at http://www.padcatsanddogs.org/.

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My son loves turtles!! Can anyone tell me where the best place to buy one would be? sid

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P.A.D Dog show Sunday 20th of May 2007 at 10:30 am (10:30) at the Centro Nordico (Ctra Mijas/Fuengirola) Enter your dog for: - Dog Fancy Dress - Best Puppy (under 1yr) - Dog with the Waggiest Tail - Best Adult Dog - Dog that looks most like its Owner - Best Junior (under 16yrs) Dog Handler - Best Six Legs - Most Obedient Dog - Best P.A.D (or exPAD) Dog - No entry required for Best in Show Registration begins at 10:30am (10:30) - €5 per entry. Judging begins at 11:30am (11:30). Please bring your P.A.D Dog along. Dog Training Demonstration. Special Raffle with Doggy Prizes. Bar BBQ and Refreshments. Free Admission for Spectators. For more information please call Barbara or Eddie on 952486084 or 617157339. For more information about P.A.D please visit their home page at http://www.padcatsanddogs.org/.

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P.A.D is pleased to present The Andy Ross Singers are going to the Dogs (and Cats)!!! A concert of Songs from all our favorite musicals under the direction of Andy Ross - Musical Director of BBC´s Come Dancing. FRIDAY 18TH OF MAY 7:30 PM (19:30) AT THE MIJAS HOTEL. Tickets are € 15,- which includes wine served in the interval. For Tickets and more information please call Barbara on 952486084. All proceeds from this concert goes to the P.A.D Animal Charity. For more information about P.A.D please visit their home page at http://www.padcatsanddogs.org/.

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Hi Can anyone tell me if dogs are allowed on buses and trains. thanks mo

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Hi I have found a lovely little puppy and am not sure what to do with it. I cant keep it as i have no garden and live on an urbanisation. He is gorgeous. Any advice would be appreciated but if a home can be offered, even better. I can provide a photo but speed is of the essence. Susan Weston

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Dear all, The P.A.D has it´s monthly Open Day on Sunday 1st of April. Opening hours for the Open Day Noon - 3 PM. Please do come and visit all the cats and dogs available at the shelter for adoption. Please see more information about P.A.D here, as well as the directions on how to get there. http://www.padcatsanddogs.org/ Best regards Henry H. Andersen

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I was given a tortoise a few weeks ago but I don't know what type it is and what to feed it, it just seems to sit in it's box n curl up in it's shell all day, can anybody help please? Loz

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I am bringing my two cats to spain, is there anything i should know? they already have their passports Katy

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Hi have a puppy that I would like insurance for can anyone recommend a company please

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The foster parent of this dog has to return to the UK urgently and can no longer take care of the dog. The alternative is unfortunately the Municipal pen and certain death if no one can take him on. Please see more information and pictures here:: http://www.pets.pymatique.com/?Adoption:Akita_Inu_Seeking_new_home Please contact us via AngloInfo or via the mailform on the site if you'd be interested in the dog. Time is running out.

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Hi can anyone help. I am looking to acquire 2 male siamese kittens. Happy to take rescues or if anyone knows a breeder I would be grateful. Have tried PADS for rescues but no joy. Happy to travel to find breeder. Many thanks Vandal

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I need a mechanic in the La Cala area. My car has broken down on the way to France and the breakdown service is taking the car unmended back to La Cala!!!

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Anyone any ideas. I took my puppy for a walk this morning and she was fine. She now is quiet, shakes a little bit and isnt eating! anyone any ideas....

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