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We are travelling from UK to Spain later this year in our motorhome.  Can anyone tell us what the rules are regarding dogs when travelling.  I think I read somewhere that dogs had to be restrained in the back of cars, but would this apply to a motorhome? Has anyone had experience of travelling with dogs in a motorhome and can give us some advice?  Many thanks. 

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Looking for a cattery in Torrox or surrounding area to put our cat over the Christmas period. Can anyone  suggest anywhere Email  colinandcathy@gmail.com Thanks  

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Please help 9mth old old male puppy lost on Tuesday at Costavet, La Cala de Mijas.. Small Podenco cross.. golden coat with white socks and white diamond on neck. Crooked front left paw. Wearing blue collar and lead. Answers to Peanut. Timid and scared, but if he hears"yummy yum yum" he might come thinking it's dinnertime. Will growl, won't bite. Has chip.  Was in process of being transported to Scotland but company lost him and didn't tell me until today(Sat). Too late as I left Spain on Thursday. Angry and heartbroken.  Please help x call 0034 661 898 997

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Some of you may have heard about the Last Chance Animal Rescue Group if not and you are on facebook check it out.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/LastChanceAnimalRescue/ They are in need of some help - fencing, posts and if you have a rotavtor and could spare some time it would be great. Or even your time. Thank you all

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Hello all! My family and I would like to adopt an adult english mastiff. We are open to wolfhounds, Great Danes,  and a few other giant breeds, as well. Important  characteristics: must be a sweetie, love kids, laid back, at least two 2 years, gender is unimportant, in the Malaga area. We are experienced dog lovers and would like to meet the dog on various occasions before adopting him/her. I've been unable to go physically to any perrerra or rescue agency, as we have just moved here, but Ive written several and frequent their websites and haven't come across any potentials for us. If anyone has any news or can help direct me further, I'd really appreciate it! suzanne

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I saw a new type of collar to protect pets against fleas and collar. It is called seresto and they say it lasts 8 months. Has anyone tried this brand yet?

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I recently reported a dangerous dog to the police and they have emailed me to say they have made a denuncia and gave me the reference number.  Where can I read a denuncia that the Malaga  police have made online?  Does anyone know the website?

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My English neighbours dogs are always chained to the outside wall of their house and both bark constantly during the night. I have politely mentioned this 3 times so far but there has been no action. This is impcting on by business. What options do I have?

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I am trying to sort out a problem with some local village lads letting their staffi dog off the lead with no muzzle on in a forest route I walk my dogs. This dog attacks my dogs and I have to cancel my walk. I have reported this to the local village police station with the car registration of the owner of the dog but so far they continue to do it. Any advice?

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I was on a walk in the Montes De Malaga and saw what looked like candy floss on the branches of some trees. iMy friend mentioned something about a parade of caterpillars but I was not convinced. What does this mean?

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Does anyone have a cage that I could borrow or buy to transport my cat back to UK in March?

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Does anyone know of a reputable breeder of Perrros de Agua near Malaga? 

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I would be pleased  to hear from anyone trying to help cats in these areas.  Suzanne, Paws In Need, reg charity 1110537.  Please email me on suzannethorpe123@btinternet.,com.

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Being a frequent visitor, 2 or 3 times yearly, I alway feed the birds in the central square, Torremolinos and by the fountain opposite Hotel Caballo bar at Carihuela.  I would be pleased to hear from any other bird lover feeding them as I am always worried about their survival.  Please email me on suzannethorpe1123@btinternet.com.

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can anyone tell me if heartworm is a known problem for pets here? 

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One of my hens is rapidly losing her neck feathers. Is this a serious problem?

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Can anyone recommend someone who can build and deliver a hen coop made in wood?

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Can anyone recommend anything good for plaque removal for dogs that you can put in their food. I did see a seaweed product called plaque off but done know if it's any good. Brushing is impossible when you have a Spaniel like Houdini! I tried toothpaste from vet and it's rubbish. They have raw food chicken diet supplemented with dry dog food and bones so it's not from eating wrong diet. He had his teeth cleaned by vet but trying to avoid that a second time. thanks.

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Missing Our beloved, gentle Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Black/brindle with stretched white patch on chest. 11 years old with worn teeth. Suspected stolen.  Microchipped. Last seen near Corta Porcas, Monchique 28/10/12. Desperate for news. REWARD OFFERED. (00351) 927491015. (0044) 7886974096. zoethestarfish@hotmail.com. 

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Just thought I would share with you that I have found out a vaccine to help prevent the often fatal disese Leishmaniosis has been released in Spain since 16th January. The vaccine is given to the animal in three doses in intervals of three weeks. Prior to the vaccination the dog has to undergo blood tests, to ensure the dog is negative to the parasite, that means he has not already developed the disease. It is costly for the initial course but follow up annual boosters are normal booster prices, so best to shop around a bit, but worth speaking to your vet about what they recommend for your dog.

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