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Has anyone been told by their vet to give their dog a break for a few months from it's leishmaniasis medication

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The Dog Academy now have training sessions on Sunday mornings from 10am to midday in the Velez Malaga/lake la Vinuela area (10 mins from the Eroski roundabout). These classes are not only brilliant for your dog's obedience training but also for the dogs to socialise with a variety of other dogs, all sizes and breeds. Wendy also runs agility classes on Monday evenings from 7pm. My dog has improved so much after just 3 classes. If you are interested call Wendy on 622 257 817

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How do I encourage my chickens to lay their eggs in the back of the chicken coop

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I read somewhere that I should worm my chickens, is that right? What does it help prevent? Anyone know what I need to buy and how to do it?

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Two of my chickens have developed scaly leg. Can anyone advice me how to avoid this in future and what to treat it with?

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What is it that makes that squealing noise all day? I'm guessing some kind of insect?

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Has anyone used an outdoor ultrasound rat deterrent and how effective was it and where did you get it? I have a problem with rats in my car.

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Hi I am looking for a local to Alcaucin car valet? Can anyone help?

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APARIV animal charity shop In Torre del Mar needs more volunteers. Contact the shop if you are interested.

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New to having chickens but I am getting to a stage where I think my chickens will eat almost anything. Is there anything which is a definite NO.?

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Hi there I am looking for someone to take care of my yorkie puppy for either an hour or day at home or full day in doggie day care. Does anyone know of a company or person who may be able to help? This is in the San Roque/Alcaidesa/Sotogrande area. Many thanks

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We have a Norwegion (excuse my spelling ) family near us who have just had to hand over 500 euro to get their dog back !! please be aware of where your pets are at all times,!

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Can anyone tell me roughly how much it costs to get a dog microchipped please?

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Moving to Fuengirola and need home for my 4 yr old border collie possible for 10 months. I want to continue to walk my dog. This would lessen the burden to her foster family. Border Collies need a lot of exercise. I will also paid for her food and other expenses. This might be a good situation for a family whos kids want a dog, but the parents worry the kids will not live up to the responsibility. Maybe a single or family that like dogs ,but cant commit because they are not home all day. I am able to exercise her daily for approx 2 hours. She is a beautiful, lovable exceptional pet. There are many people at home that will take her, but I fear separation anxiety. She has been left before and was fine, but 10 months is too long. If anyone can help, knows someone who might or has advice please sent me a message.

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This might be a stupid question but do cats need an equivalent to the Scalibor collar? I haven;t heard of them but thought I better check!

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Hi For tthe last 2 years I have been buying new Scaliboor collars for my two dogsevery 5 months but they are €24 each at the vet and pet shop. I saw them on Amazon for €9.95!! Anyone know if they are the same strength as my main priority is to protect my pooches but I could do with saving a bit of money too!

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I just spotted new DEFFRA rules from 2012 for taking your pet into the UK. Not sure I understand what has changed but here they are in case anyone planning a trip back to the UK with their pet. Read here: http://www.defra.gov.uk/publications/files/pb13582-bringing-pets-to-uk-111101.pdf

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If you are a cat lover and one who is concerned about the many strays on the Costa, our U.K. based charity provide aid and neutering for several groups of strays in Torremolinos. We have several dedicated helpers living in the area but urgently need any cat lover who could spare even half an hour once or twice a week to help provide the aid (which we are currently only able to do alternate days or sometimes only three times weekly for the cats). All food costs are provided by ourselves. We are hoping someone out there would like to join our efforts and would love to hear from them. If you could help us with our groups we would gladly consider helping with any projects you have for the cats. Suzanne Thorpe PAWS IN NEED reg charity 1110537 35 Bucknall Ave Lincoln LN6 0BL England email suzannethorpe123@btinternet.com

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I saw a lovely bird the other day and was interested to see if anyone can ID it for me. It made a kind of clicking or ticking noise and had a dark grey/black body, with red on its tail visible when it was in flight. A little larger than a sparrow, with a finer beak and sleeker shape.

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I have been offered a pair of pigeons to keep as pets, just wondering if anyone knew of any legal restrictions for keeping them, also any tips on care!

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