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Through what months can I walk my dogs on the beach without getting fined? And can they be walked on grassy areas if there isn't a sign saying that they can't?

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Our U.K. based charity has neutered a large number of cats in Torremolinos and via our helpers resident there provide food for their survival several times a week. We need extra helpers though so could you spare even half an hour once a week? All food costs provided by ourselves. Would suit someone who already feeds cats.

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I feel totally sickened by all that I have read about the horrifically sad plight of the Galgo. Such disgusting cruelty is almost beyond belief. I understand that the Galgo ( Spanish Greyhound ) is not protected by animal laws as it is regarded as a 'tool' for work and also vermin. What a total cop out, what outrageous nonsense and what sort of sick human beings have decided this.Something must be done to change this ? Does anybody know what is being done to help these beautiful animals. Can pressure be put on the Spanish Government to make ill treatment of this kind a criminal offence. Any info would be appreciated

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I am legally registered in Spain to work. Can anyone tell me if there are any regulations regarding the transporting of pets mainly cats and dog to the UK and from the UK I should know about. I know all about Pets passports, injections etc. I am talking on the actual transport side of things.Thanks

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I have noticed that one of my chickens has a swollen crop. Can anyone advise how to treat this?

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A Safe Haven for Displaced AnimalsPlease do not dump your dog or animals when leaving Spain. We can help you, please call anytime, for completely free advice.Please e-mail lefferth@gmail.com or call 00351 937460015 anytimeMain Refuge is in Portugal.

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I am coming to Malaga for 10 weeks in January. It is too far from Santander to have my dog treated within the 24-48 hour window before embarkation. I have arranged to stay in De Haro for 2 nights. Does anyone know of a vet there I can make contact with to arrange an appointment thanksPat

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Need to find a pet sitter from 18th Dec - 28Th Dec for 1 medium size pup 12 ,months old Does anyone have any reccomendations ? Dont really want kennels as hes never been left before. Any help would be appreciated, anywhere between marbella & fuengirola

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Hi There, Just wondering if any one can assist us, we are hoping to relocate our small dogs from Spain to Oz next year and are coming up against the 6 month rule if we go back to the UK. We want to go directly, does anyone know of a Spanish based company who assist in pet transport other than to the UK.Kind thanks

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If you have to transport your pet/s and you want to employ a "pet courier" please make sure they are Defra registered. I have a friend who used a company, run by an Englishman, who advertised "Pet Transport2 in an air conditioned car. They subsequently discovered their pet had travelled from the UK in a van, with no windows or air con, and of course they weren't registered with Defra. More enquiries discovered that a couple of animals had died travelling under these conditions with this company. BE WARNED

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We have been fostering a loveable collie cross something male pup who is now ready to go to a loving and permanant home. He is about the size of a labrador, black and white, was dumped in a bin on a beach and rescued. Sleeps outside but good inside, house trained, had all innoculations etc., but not been 'done' as he isn't quite old enough. He was very timid and we've done a lot of work with him and now he comes and is a friendly little man. He is brilliant with other dogs, children and cats, got not vices that we know of, really really easy to train, would make a fantastic loving pet. We can't keep him as we have other dogs etc and rescue other types of animals. If there is someone interested please email and i can send some photos. I say collie cross as he is black and white but could be pointer cross or anything else. Unusual looking and so so loving. Hope someone can help......... he really is worth it.

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I would like to recomend the above animal care/shop/kennels/grooming centre, our beautiful Jessica, border collie/retreiver cross had her first ever clipping on Tuesday, she was a bit nervous but went along like a star, she looks even more beautiful as a Labrador- look- a- like.She looked her 10 years going in but a lively and lovely pup coming out ! Many many thanks just great x

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It's tick season again and I have two dogs. I do all the usual, scalibor collar, spot on and wash their bedding every week but they still pick up ticks. I hate them. Any tips things that woek to stop them jumping onto the dog in the first place. Especially if its natural and not more chemicals.

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I heard a cuckoo this morning! Feels like spring is really here!! am I correct in thinking that cuckoos are only in spain for a very short period as they migrate?

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Hi Everyone, I am looking for a new home for my Dog (Zac), he is a large cross breed dog with a fantastic temperment. He is very well trained and will respond to both verbal and visual commands. He is a big dog and so will need somewhere with a garden. He is free to the right home. You can see pictures of Zac on this link https://www.facebook.com/album.php?fbid=10150211599641354&id=766406353&aid=345308 or Email me for more information Johnny Hill at johnnymark3@hotmail.com or ring 634302377 Thanks

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My neighbours dog has died and they were trying to find a pet crematorium. We have heard that in Spain cremation is not common and we were having trouble finding anywhere?

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Quote:The directors of the Association for the Defense and Protection of Animals 'Parque Animal' of Torremolinos arrested on Thursday are accused, amongst other crimes, of severe and sustained animal abuse.This is worth following up on:http://www.thereader.es/en/spain-news-stories/5112-evil-animal-shelter-owner-killed-over-2200-pets-put-up-for-adoption.htmlPersonally I would think the person accused would get a slap on the hand only even if convicted so it is crucial that pressure is put upon the authorities in Torremolinos, and all similar cases are reported to the Police and Seprona.You can read more about this horrible case in http://www.thereader.es/ (English), and in Malaga Hoy (Spanish) and DiarioSur (Spanish).There is also a Facebook group starting to try to highlight this issue: Justicia para los animales de Parque Animal (Mostly in Spanish)What is actually worse is that the accused seems to have been released on bail, and has been allowed to return to the Parque Animals. To me this is like releasing a fox into a chicken pen but I guess there are different "rules of engagement" down here.Best regardsHenry

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I offer a permanant and loving home to any parrot, doesn't matter if it screeches, plucks etc., very experienced home with other much loved birds available. Loads of attention, stimulation and good food. Please get in contact if you need a home.

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Good home wanted for mature, lovable German Shepherd bitch.

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My 2 year old bitch (cairn terrier) is looking for a mate, we will be in Marbella during from the 19th - 27th Feb which is when she will be ready to make babies!!. Please call on 0033 6 83 63 04 17.

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