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Hi, Me and my Family are moving into the area Castillejar, Granada shortly and I was just wondering if anybody knew of any horse schooling or liverys or anything like that. Anything horsey really! Thankyou.

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Urgent appeal by PAD (Protección de Animales Domésticos)Please Help If You CanBelow Is A Statement Published On Facebook TodayURGENT APPEAL!!! PAD Shelter was really badly flooded in the torrential rains last night resulting in the tragic loss of many of our beloved cats and dogs. We urgently require short term foster homes for the cats and dogs that have managed to survive. Please if you can help in any way by fostering any of them or would be able to help out at the shelter cleaning upContact Numbers Lisa on 658351642Mags on 655257712Web: http://www.padcatsanddogs.org/Please contact them if you can help in any way.

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Anyone else noticed all the dying seagulls on the beaches? I wonder why...

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Our dogs at A.I.D. need loving permanent homes, can you help? HAVE YOU THOUGH OF PERHAPS FOSTERING A DOG? We will bring the animal to your home e.g. puppy, adult dog or cat. You will have to look after it from one week to several months. Some animals are house trained and some will need training. Where applicable we will vaccinate, microchip, castrate/spay the animal. We will supply you with animal food, bedding cat litter/tray etc. We are very busy so we ask that when the animal needs to go to vets that you will kindly take it there. We pay all the vet bills. When we find a permanent home for the animal we will ask you if you kindly look after another one. We are based in Coin, Malaga. Visit our website and see the animals http://www.animals-in-distress.eu/dogs.html

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Hi everyone. We recently moved down to Marbella from France. We have 2 elderly dogs, both with ailments, 1 diabetic and the other with hip/ back problems. We have heard of a vet called Emmanuelle a Belgium vet in Calahonda who is a specialist with arthritic dogs/animals. All links / phone numbers I obtain seem to not work. Does anybody have any more information please, I'm quite desperate to get my dog treated properly and professionally. Thank you very much. Ian and Janice.

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Asociación de Protección de Animals Domésticos (PAD) AT PASSION STUDIOS (close to Yorkshire Linen) Avda. Andalucia, No15, Nave 5 More info call 952 592 110 (Approximate location Bing Maps) Stock up on Christmas Cards, PAD 2011 Calendars, Pet Gifts, Mulled Wine and Mince Pies also known as gluwien, Tombola, Raffle, Books, Jewellery, CDs, Tea, Coffee, Cakes and more Christmas Raffle tickets 5€ each (Prizes include a Wii-Nintendo, drawn 30th January) www.padcatsanddogs.org or join us on Facebook, Animal Shelter Reg.No.3775

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Has anyone seen a 4 month old German Shepherd suddenly appear wher there wasn't one before in the Coin area? Ours escaped & was probably picked up by someone. He has his microchip.

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How often does my dog need his rabies jab?

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I am thinking of adding a couple more laying chickens to my little flock, can anyone give me any tips to stop them fighting when I introduce the new ones?

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Greetings from a sunny but fresh France, we are moving to Spain soon on a permanent basis, I read that DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED on the beaches? would anyone out there know of pet friendly beaches near Marbella ??, she is a retreiver cross and certainly not dangerous. Thanks Linda

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Can anyone recommend any pet friendly hotel or accomodation for a one night stay on Sunday 3 October? Just myself, mother and one well behaved dog?

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Hi, I want to move two horses Granada to south west France. Any advice please. Cris

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Dear friends, We have already overcome the worst summer heat here in Andalucía and preparations for the Camino 2011 have begun! Reserve your place now, as there are only 15 spaces available per week, for people and dogs, donkeys, horses … The main aim of our pilgrimage continues to be raising awareness of the plight of animals and their need for protection. This is something which affects us all, because it is part of a wider, global attempt to preserve this planet as a worthy habitat for all the species. Our motto is: WE WILL WALK FOR A HARMONIC COEXISTENCE BETWEEN HUMAN, ANIMAL AND NATURE ON THE PLANET As in 2009, you can take part in the Camino on a weekly basis - there are 6 weeks in total. The Camino offers a fantastic combination of a solidarity holiday, an opportunity to walk the famous Saint James Trail, a chance to get to know a part of Spain and to make an important contribution towards change. If you want to take your own dog (or another animal), we ask you to let us know as soon as possible. If not, we will assign you a do from a local shelter, as a companion for the trip. Anyone who wants to walk with one of the 4 donkey, must have some experience with donkeys and register as soon as possible, to save disappointment. It is also possible to bring your own donkey or horse, but we need to know details in plenty of time. For more information and to reserve a place, you can visit our web page and if you have more questions, please write to elcamino@planeta-animal.org Please help us to advertise this event, tell your friends, if you can, print the attached poster and hang it in your area, forward it to the press, publish it on your page, in a blog, in facebook, etc! And don’t forget, it’s a pilgrimage for the animals, they are the protagonists!!! We are looking forward to walking the Camino with you! Johanna and Camino Team.

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We have a Greyhound that is now very well and happy but he was found wondering around the Coin area where he had been badly beaten and was very hungry. We have been looking after him for the last months and are happy that he is now ready to be re-homed. He is a very affectionate boy with a very lovely temperament. He gets on well with other dogs. We have named him Chance and we think him to be approximately 18 months old. He has not been castrated but we would recommend the new owner to consider this.If you would like to help or have questions, please contact me, Helen at Eurodog Boarding Kennels and Cattery where he is currently staying.697731171 / 952474947 info@eurodogspain.com

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Hi, I have 6 kittens that need new homes! We have the parents and other animals and are not able to care for them all as they deserve! I have 4 males and 2 females. They are 15/16 weeks old, and ready for new families. Free to good homes. I will email photo's if you're interested. Alhaurin El Grande area.

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I'm a bit concerned about the heat effecting my dog, is there anything i can do to make sure he doesn't get overheated or sunburnt ?

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Can someone please help. I have moved to Spain 3 months ago and need to go back home for a week in September. I have a small poodle and i need a home for it for 1 week as i dont like kennels. Can someone suggest if there are private individuals that are willing to take care of pets here.

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Another question fro me I am afraid! How rigidly do you apply the advice of keeping dogs in after dusk to prevent them being bitten by sandflys? I am trying to get mine to go out just before it goes dark for the last time but they inevitably sit whining at the door at about 11:30pm! Some sites say Ok to let them out for a quick loo break but others say not at all. Think I am becoming paranoid about all the doggy diseases here.

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Can anyone recommend a pet sitter please?

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Hi I am really confused. I have 2 dogs who I brought from the UK. My UK vet prescribed Scallibor Collar (sandfly and tick) and Advocate (this gives flea and heartworm protection but not tick) but my spanish vet recommended Scalibor Collar and X-Spot (this doesn't give heartworm protection and is not as good for flea prevention as Frontline). Any other pet owners had this confusion and any advice you can share with me especially on tick prevention as I have two young lively dogs and I live in the campo near a goat farm!

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