MARCEL VAN EEDEN - 1525 - CAC Malaga

from Jan 20th 2017 to Mar 27th 2017


The Center of Contemporary Art of Malaga presents the exhibition of the Dutch artist Marcel Van Eeden.

On January 20 the CAC Málaga will present 1525, the title of the exhibition curated by Fernando Francés, which will gather more than 250 drawings of the artist, divided into different series. Works done with pencil, watercolours and pastels tell dark and mysterious stories where their enigmatic characters live very different adventures. Between the series that are exposed, is the one that gives name to the exhibition, 1525, composed by 21 drawings that will transport the spectator to a Malaga full of conspiracies, secrets and hidden recipes to poison. Defined as a conceptual artist, Van Eeden carries out in his work a clear symbiosis between painting and literature. The artist has set the standard of performing a minimum daily drawing, always before the date of his birth, and it is in this exhibition, the first time that he places his story so far in time, at the beginning of the sixteenth century.

From January 20 to March 26, 2017