The Pink Purple Zep Fest II

28th June 2019 From 8:00pm

Event Details

Imagine if you could attend a concert featuring Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin in their heyday of the early 1970's.  

    Well imagine no more!  We´ve even added a Foo Fighters band to the line-up to bring the vibe right up to date. Pink Purple Productions presents The Pink Purple Zep Fest II (Estepona Rocks), featuring some of the leading tribute acts from the UK.

They will perform some of the most memorable rock songs from the 80´s onwards. Over 4 hours of classic rock on each night, featuring all of the iconic songs associated with the original bands, plus a few slightly more obscure songs for the diehard fans! The Pink Purple Zep II (Estepona Rocks) promises to be the "must see" rock event in Estepona in 2019.

    Just don’t miss this event

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Event Location

Plaza de Toros
Santo Domingo Guzman Street, 109,Estepona

28th June 2019 From 8:00pm