The Night of San Juán

23rd June 2019 From 8:00pm

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The Night of San Juan is definitely one of the events with its love of having a good time in the company of friends and loved ones.

It is a memorable, almost surreal scene and one that needs to be experienced.

It is a celebration that is usually held on the beach with roaring bonfires, drink, food, and friends. The summer solstice remains a magical night in much of the northern hemisphere. So welcome to the magical night of San Juan. San Juan is all about changes. It is about night and day; fire and water. Fire purifies and water recuperates, refreshes, and rejuvenates.

 It is ritual that rules at San Juan. After midnight, for example, people wash their faces and feet three times in order to be granted three wishes and for a happy twelve months thereafter. Bathing at this time is also said to be beneficial for skin complaints. So make sure that you reserve the night of June 23rd for La noche de San Juan. Bring plenty to drink, something to eat, carry a sweater if you are going to be near the water, and be prepared to see the sun rise on the morning of the 24th. There are always concerts, music, and other types of entertainment to keep revelers interested all night long, as if watching the beauty of the bonfires were not enough.

Purify and enjoy.

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Malaga beach

23rd June 2019 From 8:00pm