Building Supply, Hardware & DIY

Almacenes Unidos
Hardware, building tools and materials selling branded products including Stanley, Henkel, Glidden and Rimax. Located 50 meters west from Mercado Borbon in the centre of San Jose. Two other stores - see website for addresses.
Abonos Agro
Building materials, steel rods, roofing sheets, galvanized pipes, beams, trusses, electrical, hardware, electrical, furniture, tools. Open Monday to Saturday 7:00-17:30. Located in La Uruca, 200 mts west from the Plaza de Deportes in Uruca, San Jose.
Ferreterias EPA
Building materials, bathroom, nursery, hardware, paint, wood, construction tools, pottery, plumbing, gardening, kitchen supplies. Open Monday to Sunday 7:00-21:00. Located diagonal of San Rafael, Escazu crossing, over the Autopista Prospero Fernandez.
Ferreterias El Mar
Hardware, power tools, hand tools, construction tools, saws, painting and decoration, power plants, lighting. Open Monday to Friday 8:00-19:00, and Saturdays 8:00-18:30. Located in La Paco shopping center, next to Fresh Market in Guachipelin, Escazu.
Ferreteria Brenes
Plumbing and locksmith services as well as sales of hardware, electrical goods, tools, pump tanks, paints and more. Open Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 19:00 throughout. Located in Heredia, 100 meters west from the Banco Nacional in Heredia centre.
Agroservicios El Salitre
Hardware, power tools, drills, paint, building materials, farm equipment and supplies, veterinary medical service. Open Monday to Friday 6:30-18:30, Saturday 6:30-15:00. Located from the Catholic church in Santa Ana centro, 100 meters south and 100 east.
Hardware, power and hand tools, construction equipment, saws, lathes, automotive, painting and decoration, power plants, lighting. Open Monday to Friday 8:00-17:30, Saturday 8:00-12:00. Located in La Uruca, San Jose in front of the Imprenta Nacional.
Ferreteria Zuniga
Established hardware store selling a range of hand tools, wrenches, saws, drills, power tools, lighting, garden and home accessories, locks, security installations and paint. Open Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 18:00 and Sunday from 09:00 to 13:00. Loca...
El Lagar
Decoration, furniture, landscaping, lighting, hardware tools, industrial equipment, paints, electrical, wood, steel, blocks, bricks and cement. Open Monday to Saturday 7:00-19:00. Located 100 meters west from the Red Cross in Rio Oro, Santa Ana.
Hilco Welding, welding machines, B-metal blade, electric cable, electric box and breakers, locksmith, hardware, lumber, plywood, melamine, fibram. Open weekdays 9:00-17:00. Located in Calle Blancos, San Jose in front of former Durman Esquivel shop.
Online hardware store, masonry, landscaping, locksmith, power and hand tools, taps, adhesives and lubricants, cements, paint accesories, spare parts, free transportation. Open Monday to Friday 8:00-19:00. Located in San Jose.
Almacen Ferremax el Roble
Hardware, power tools, construction materials, electrical materials, saws, rulers, paint, hammers, screwdrivers. Open Monday to Friday 8:00-17:30. Located 225 meters west from Centro Comercial Guadalupe in Guadalupe, San Jose.