Chiropractors & Osteopaths

Sana Vida Quiropractica
Dr. James D. McLellan, chiropractor for both children and adults, Palmer Method, iridology and Diversified technique. At Santa Ana Centro.
Quiroractica Alesa
US trained chiropractors and physiotherapists with clinics in Sabena Norte, San Jose and Atenas.
Quiropractica Leon Americana
Mark Abbott, licensed chiropractor based at De la Cruz Roja 50m south and 25m east, in Moravia.
Dr Karl Lind
Chirpractor based in Heredia for back pain and joint pain.
Quiropractico Ravery - Dr Shahin Ravery
Chiropractor and physiotherapist providing treatments using heat, ultrasound and muscle stimulation. At Paseo Colon, San Jose.