Counselling & Therapists

Dr. Silvia Araya
Holistic therapist and psychologist based in San José.
Integra Vita
Psychologists specialising in adults, couples, families children and counselling for addictions. 
Esteban Bonilla Rodríguez
Couple therapy, individual therapy and group therapy.
Dr. Ana Gabrielle Rojas
Psychotherapist with experience treating anxiety, depression, past traumas as well as complex mental health issues. 
Perdue Counseling
Professional counsellor specialises in treating mental health disorders, works with teens and adults.
Psychology, psychotherapy, emotional problems, anxiety, stress, depression, fears, addictions. Appointments open Monday to Friday.
Estela Aragon
Extensive experience in crisis intervention, depression, family counselling, children and teenagers, anxiety, grief, emotional disorders, addictions and cultural adaptation issues.
Crystal Stanfield
Psychology for individuals, couples or families. Skype appointments also available.
Dr. Maria Elena Madrigal Arias
Individual, couples and family psychotherapist treats fears, phobias, anxiety attacks, depression and PTSD. Also offers online counselling.
Carolina Chacón
Services offered include child therapy, couple therapy and individual psychological consultation.
Costa Rica Treatment Center
Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre offering evidence-based residential treatment programs to meet the individual addiction and dual-diagnosis needs of chemically dependent men and women.
Alzate Quintero Nubia
Psychological treatment, anxiety, depression, grief, emotional disorders, panic attacks and phobias. 
Dr. Federico Charpentier, Psy.D
Native Costa Rican Dr. Charpentier spent 8 years in the United States obtaining his degree He speaks fluent english and specializes in Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Addiction.
Clinica Herrera-Amighetti
Psychology, psychiatry, pedagogy, speech therapy, nutrition, behavioral difficulties and mental health.